Seven joint tourist boards from the Zagreb County area presented a new excellent storytelling project

Seven united tourist boards presented a new project "Cultural Tours - find your story in the Zagreb area" on the project of cultural tourism from the Zagreb County. Tourist boards presented visual ...

Seven associated tourist boards on the project of cultural tourism from the Zagreb County presented a new project "KulTurama - find your story in the Zagreb area".

The tourist boards presented the visual identity of the project and the name with which they want to tell an interesting, different and cool story about the Zagreb area, but also about their tours and the different cultures they encompass. KulTurama was announced as a platform for innovative experiences of cultural tourism in the Zagreb area, where tourist communities want to offer an unforgettable experience of their cultural content and present new and attractive tourist products.

These are the tourist boards of the City of Velika Gorica, the City of Zaprešić, the City of Vrbovec, the City of Dugo Selo, the Municipality of Krašić, the Municipality of Pisarovina and the Municipality of Brdovec, Dubravica and Marija Gorica. The project is implemented with the support of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, and the association has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Explore and experience the Zagreb area through guided themed tours on June 19th and 20th 

As the first such product inviting all domestic visitors to explore the Zagreb green ring from KulTurama, they announced the most beautiful walks in the Zagreb area. Guided costume tours are scheduled for Saturday, June 19 in Brdovec, Dugo Selo, Krašić and Zaprešić, and on Sunday, June 20 in Pisarovina, Velika Gorica and Vrbovec.

In all cities, visitors can choose a morning tour starting at 11 a.m. or an afternoon tour at 17 p.m. The entire program is held in accordance with the recommended epidemiological measures, and visitors can book their free ticket at:

Visitors will be welcomed in all destinations costumed guides who will live interpret the history and heritage of the Zagreb region through an interesting story.

"We have prepared different, emotional and exciting tours. We want to tickle our visitors' imagination and offer a strong emotion of our cultural content. All tours are carefully prepared on the basis of a modern interpretation of heritage and of course with the inevitable storytelling. I invite all visitors to get to know and explore our cultural and historical treasures in an interesting way and fall in love with the Zagreb area.", Said the project manager Toni Ganjto, director of the Tourist Board of the city of Zaprešić, which coordinates the project. 

KulTurama brings the most beautiful stories of the Zagreb region

The most beautiful walks in the Zagreb area bring the best of every place, so visitors to Dugo Selo will hear the story of Drašković and get to know this distinctive town and its traditions, while in Vrbovec they will get to know the rich Croatian heritage at the top of the hill. Krašić brings an emotional story about the blessed, eternal and beloved Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, and in Pisarovina everyone will enjoy the forgotten stories of this picturesque area.

Nobly written pages of history await visitors to Velika Gorica, and in Brdovec enjoy the eternal guardians of the fairytale region. Zaprešić will welcome visitors in the urban core and guide them through the stories of their glorious past.

All in all a great project, telling local authentic stories through costumed heritage interpreters in the domain of storytelling. This is today's standard of tourism that everyone must strive for - new i otherwise, innovatively, the synergy of everyone in the destination (tourism knows no borders), storytelling, costumed guides, authentic i local stories.

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