Secure income and accommodation are the most important things when choosing a seasonal job

Research conducted by the MojPosao portal shows that the expected monthly net salary for a seasonal job is 1307 euros, which is 6% more than last year.


21. March 2024.

Research conducted by the portal My job shows that the expected monthly net salary for a seasonal job is 1307 euros, which is 6% more than last year. Monthly income, of course, also depends on the type of work. 

That's how they are at the top of the list cooks who would like to receive a minimum of 1482 euros for their work, follow them waiters who on average expect a monthly salary of 1408 euros, a Kitchen assistant expects 1322 euros.

They would be satisfied with a salary of less than 1300 euros receptionists (1259 euros), valets and maids (1145 euros) and sellers (1105 euros) and storekeepers (1050 euros).

People for the "season" often come from different parts of Croatia, and recently from all over the world, so it is not surprising that secure income (44%) and accommodation (40%) are of crucial importance when choosing a seasonal job. 
"It is interesting that the amount of salary is only in third place, while days off and working hours are somewhat less important to people in this type of employment.", they state on the MojPosao portal.

Seasonal employment 2024 my job

According to research, the biggest advantages of seasonal work are the acquisition of new knowledge and skills (68% of respondents), meeting new people (61%) and the salary, which is usually significantly higher than in the case of year-round employment (54%).

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On the other hand, the biggest disadvantages of working in the season we find in his almost limited duration of seasonal work, long working days, inadequate accommodation and too low salary and separation from family.

The research was conducted on more than 500 respondents, of whom 68% were women and 32% were men.

Most respondents, 33% of them, are younger than 25 years old, while 18% are older than 50 years. A fifth (19%) is between the ages of 41 and 50, and 16% between the ages of 31 and 40. 14% of respondents are between 26 and 30 years old. Three quarters of respondents (64%) have a secondary vocational education. 

Every tenth worker is a foreign citizen

In 2023, slightly more than 3000 advertisements for seasonal workers were published on the MojPosao portal, which is 13% less compared to the previous year. In general, the most sought-after occupations in the season were: waiter, cook, shop assistant, assistant kitchen worker and assistant cook.

As for representation by county, the most seasonal workers were sought in Split-Dalmatia (31%), Istria (22%), Primorje-Gorski Kotar (23%) and Zadar (16%) counties.
In the category Tourism and catering, the industry in which seasonal employment is most prevalent, more than 2023 job vacancies were published in 14.000, which is 7% less than the year before.

This decline corresponds to the situation in the overall market. Also, it continues rapid increase in the number of foreign workers in Croatia, where currently approximately one in ten workers is a foreign citizen, analysis shows.

"This trend poses challenges to our community, especially in the context of the efficient integration of foreign workers into our society. In this process, the key role lies with the majority, which bears the responsibility for ensuring an inclusive environment and fair opportunities for all workers, regardless of their origin.", he said Igor Zonja, director of the Alma Career South region and president of the MojPosao portal.

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21. March 2024.