“Silence please. Film and the city love each other ”a new film event in Dubrovnik

The filming of the Game of Thrones series put Dubrovnik on world film charts. The media exposure did not go unnoticed, so Dubrovnik has already served as a film set for the American series "Dig", and ...

Shooting the series Game of Thrones, put Dubrovnik on world film charts. Media exposure did not go unnoticed, so Dubrovnik has already served as a film set for the American series "Dig", and Indian film "Fan".

In March, Dubrovnik hosted the world's most famous Star Wars film series, and negotiations on the shooting of James Bond in Dubrovnik are still ongoing. There are even plans to build a large film studio about 30 kilometers around Dubrovnik. These are all facts about how Dubrovnik has become a real film mecca, but the film scenery is certainly not new to the people of Dubrovnik themselves, because Dubrovnik has been living with film for almost a century.

Three young men know this, all great film lovers who are launching a film event in Dubrovnik “Silence Please! Film and the City love each other… ”, which will take place from 14 to 23 April 2016.

The idea came about a year ago when three young men, all big fans of the film, set out to explore what all but Star Wars and Game of Thrones were filmed in Dubrovnik. Tomislav Tepšić, Miran Dilberović and Krešo Glavinić are three young men who represent the Aster Cultural Association in this film event. Working on Star Wars and Game of Thrones, they set out in search of other films and materials and realized that there was enough material for a project like this, ie a film event.

"In the short period from April 14 to 23, we want older citizens to remember what was filmed in their youth, younger to educate and inform about the history of film in Dubrovnik, and tourists want to get acquainted with a different image of Dubrovnik, which is less used in its very promotion, with the exception of Game of Thrones and Star Wars. ”The young organizers point out and add that the goal is to show the relationship between film and Dubrovnik, their history and present.


In addition to film screenings, the program is rich in various creative content from exhibitions, workshops, tourist tours of locations where the above film hits were shot, as well as a film pub quiz. The organizers of this great tourist story are the Cultural Association "Aster" and Cinemas Dubrovnik, with the support of the City of Dubrovnik, the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik.


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