Since the beginning of the year, Infinity Luxury has opened over 15 foreign markets through communication on LinkedIn

We have already written about the domestic manufacturer of designer "sculptures", whose primary function is a luxury outdoor shower, and which have opened the door to the global market since this year. And that...

We have already written about a domestic manufacturer of designer "sculpture”, Whose primary function is a luxury outdoor shower, which have opened the door to the global market this year. And that is mostly thanks to communication on the business social network - LinkedIn.

I deliberately highlighted the sculptures because that’s where it was and still is the most difficult task in positioning the Infinity Luxury brand. A step-by-step task successfully built by Stefano Ladavac, CEO of Infinity Luxury and his team.

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Infinity Luxury products are intended primarily for hotels, luxury holiday homes with swimming pools, camps, aquaparks and resorts. An interesting business model is based on b2b communication, not to owners or the mass market, but to architects and distributors. Which is a great example of differentiation in the market and branding of products outside the category of classic outdoor showers.

Recently, Infinity Luxury signed a cooperation agreement with Glowbal NZ to represent and sell its products in New Zealand, Australia, India, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia, as well as a cooperation agreement with Alu Floors, which will sell premium Croatian products in France. , Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Only a month later, new markets opened up. Thus, Infinity Luxury is currently available in the markets of Israel, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Dubai, Austria, China, Georgia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, and the opening of the Slovak market is expected soon.

As he points out Stefano Ladavac, CEO Infinity Luxury, the success of breaking into foreign markets can be attributed solely to communication and marketing on Linkedin and the excellent team that leads the communication. The success is thus greater because the opening to foreign markets began this year, and until today or in three months they have opened cooperation in over 15 markets. More than impressive!

"Honestly, our communication and marketing on LinkedIn is most deserving of success. Angela and Matej did a lot of the work there, and what that means in concrete terms is best shown by the fact that we made 90% of contact through LinkedIn. As there were no fairs, conferences or "face to face" communications this year, we focused on Linkedin, which proved to be a complete success.”Ladavac points out.

When asked how they communicated on LinkedIn, Ladavac said that they communicated that they were looking for distributors and directly contacting decision makers and companies with which we wanted to cooperate. “There was no specific strategy, we made a detailed list of who we want to work with and who we want to communicate with in order to get a chance to listen to us and actually show them who we are, what we do and why we love it so much", Ladavac pointed out.

There was no special strategy, we made a detailed list of who we want to work with and who we want to communicate with in order to get the opportunity to listen to us and actually show them who we are, what we do and why we love it so much. ”

Stefano Ladavac: The focus is not on the price, but on the product that is a sculpture

As I mentioned above, the business model is based on communication with architects and positioning itself as a “must have” premium product in the exterior.

"Now, after a long time, we have released a new website that has started to generate great traffic, and we are currently developing a communication subpage for architects only on the site. The most important thing is the education of the architect and open communication, that we have a product that is not just a shower and a product that comes at the end of the project. Rather than having a product that fits into the whole vision of the architect at the very beginning of project planning, to make it a part of the project, and when it is finished to become an eternal sculpture in the exterior. And that is the challenge we want to present through marketing and the brand", Says Ladavac.

This is where the key communication to architects is to keep Infinity Luxury products in mind at the planning stage, to become part of their overall design and signature. Which is one of the main currencies of architects - the overall design and vision of the decoration.

"We are focused on communication towards architects as well as education towards distributors. We prepare various materials targeted for them. It is important to us that our product is perceived by architects as a sculpture in their overall design, because after all, the whole design design is their sculpture with a personal signature. It is not easy to get a chance for someone to hear you and explain your story to him. The main challenge is that we are seen as a company that produces outdoor showers, and here we clearly want to differentiate between the brand and our company. We try to find a strategy to present our product differently at the beginning of the conversation, ie that there is only one shower feature of our product. By the way, each of our products is 80% handmade, and only 20% of the production process is done through a machine”, Says Ladavac and adds that it is the handiwork that gives uniqueness and the possibility of personalization.

Ladavac also points out that he sold his share in the company last month, ie that two entrepreneurs entered a smaller part of the ownership. He decided to sell because of the experience and know-how they have, and to better arrange the whole story about global partners and sales. To do great things requires a team, rarely is an individual enough.

"We are ready to currently produce 50 products per month, which is a figure that I certainly stand behind and that we can deliver. Currently, the biggest focus is for all partners to start the sales process. Of course, I am aware that it takes months or at least a year to make a branding in their market and to start selling. According to the current reactions and talks with foreign partners, there is a great possibility to start serious exports this year.", States Ladovac and adds that he plans to finish this year with 15-20 products produced on a monthly basis and that given how large the market is, there is a possibility that there will be more.

"I would like us to continue to grow, and already this year there is a big difference in sales, which is certainly due to communication on Linkedin, branding that is not the focus on price, but on sculpture in the exterior and communication directly to architects. concludes Ladavac.

A great success story, business model, targeted and strategic development, branding and communication, and ultimately the overall entrepreneurial mindset of how the whole development story is arranged.

We are closely following the day's development and waiting for the first "truck" ready for export.

Photo: Infinity Luxury

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