Six women, five brands and one fantastic idea - Krk box. A real original tourist story and an authentic souvenir

Six women, five brands and one fantastic idea - this is the short story about the Krk box. The idea was initiated by Daniela Drčec, the owner of the family farm and the Adorable brand, when she set out in search of interesting ...

Six women, five brands and one fantastic idea - that's what the story of Fr. Krk box.

She started the idea Daniela Drčec, owner of a family farm and brand Adorable when she set out in search of interesting and different brands on the island of Krk and creatives who breathe with equal passion for their brand and fight Chinese souvenirs in their own way.

Completely different brands found themselves together in one box, and they all have a common love for the island and creativity, each in their own way. Thus, the idea came to life to create gift packages from handmade products that they could offer to the tourism sector, but also for various other occasions.

Natural soaps and cosmetics have found their place in the Krk box Lavender, owner Andrijana Fiorentin Rušin i Mirela Rušin Kokotović. Their soaps are visually irresistible, colorful and fragrant, but also completely natural, and all the raw materials they choose are environmentally friendly. They use 100% vegetable oils and butters, pure essential oils from the coastal climate, as well as macerates that they make themselves from herbs that they only pick. They also mix various cosmetic clays, activated charcoal, sage honey from the island of Krk, sea salt, dried herbs from the coastal area and beer into the soaps.

Krk medium box - product package of Krk brands of handmade products: - natural soap & peeling bags by Lavandin - painting with powdered ceramics and wild herbs of the island of Krk and welcome pendant by G-art workshop - flavored salts by Adorable (2 x 90 g + 1x 40 g) - illustrated postcard by Tamara Travaš

There it is Gordana Karabaić, brand owner G art Workshop which houses its beautiful angels, teddy bears, dolls and tiles made of powdery ceramics in Škatula.

The brand has also found its rightful place in the box Blue sheep owners Jasminka Gršković. Blue sheep recycles sheep wool from which it makes woolen balls for the washer and dryer as an alternative to fabric softener, as well as anti-stress balls and a natural car freshener. Recently, this brand has been the bearer of the label HOP - Croatian island product.

Part of this team of fantastic women is also Tamara Travaš, illustrator who, out of love, replaced the address in Rijeka with Krk and delights with the illustrations she applies to postcards, pots, magnets and other useful objects. In addition to island themes, her illustrations speak to many other things in a fun and colorful way.


And finally, there it is Adorable owners Daniela Drčec, which produces 18 types of flavored salts and a dozen flavors of jam in its family farm, as well as hot sauces. For flavored salts, she uses hand-picked crystal salt from Nin and wild herbs from the island of Krk or herbs from organic farming, and her jams contain only three ingredients: fruit, sugar cane sugar and agar-agar.

Krk box can be ordered in four predefined versions - small, medium, large and largest. But it is possible to agree as well custom made individualized box which with a combination of beautiful products will tell the story of the island of Krk just the way the customer wants it.

If tourists have to take a souvenir from the island of Krk, then it should be an autochthonous souvenir, and not an imported plastic that has no value at all. An authentic souvenir has emotion, experience and a real memory of the destination and great value. Also, souvenirs are our keepers of memories and a constant reminder of the destination. The best marketing.

We want even more of these souvenirs from the holidays - natural, different, handmade, bursting with color, taste and smell. And most of all authentic souvenirs. As always, synergy is key, and now such and similar stories need to get the support of all tourism workers and partners.

Tourism is much more than beds and beaches.

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