A small school on contemporary trends in tourism: Croatian hosts among the best in the world

The best hosts in the world In 2015, as part of the annual Guest Review Award, Booking.com guests rated 280.000 accommodation facilities in 196 countries around the world. In Croatia, 9.310 hosts received ...

The best hosts in the world

In 2015, as part of the annual Guest Review Award, Booking.com guests evaluated 280.000 accommodation facilities in 196 countries around the world. In Croatia, 9.310 hosts received this award with an average score of 8,9 out of 10.

Croatian hosts among the top 10 in the world

Special recognition for 10 leading accommodation facilities in the world was given to three Croatian ones in the following categories: "Champion's Breakfast" - apartments villa "Harmonie" Crikvenica, "Best Host" - holiday house "Ankora" Skradin, and "Warmest Welcome" - Aparthotel Bellevue Trogir

'Guest Review 2016'

In Croatia, 12.219 facilities of all types received an award with an average guest rating of 8.9. As many as 31 facilities received the highest 10 points, which proves the efforts of the hosts who want to provide their guests with an unforgettable vacation. The ‘Guest Review 2016’ award is based on more than 110 million user ratings covering 355.535 facilities in 205 countries each year. Traveler ratings brought the most awards to Italy (18.037), the United Kingdom (16.514), Austria (12.659), Greece (12.439), Croatia (12.219) and Poland (10.399).

2018. Croatian hosts 6th in the world!

In the seventh edition of this annual award, 759.845 facilities in a total of 219 countries and territories receive the award, with the countries with the most awards being Italy (106.513), Spain (46.646), France (45.286), Germany (36.042), and the United States (35.626). , Croatia (34.027), the United Kingdom (31.206), the Russian Federation (26.729), Poland (26.572) and Brazil (24.477).

The highest average grade for Croatian hosts

In Croatia, the award was given to 34.027 facilities of all types with a total average rating of 9,0, which, along with New Zealand, which carries the same average rating, is the highest average guest rating in the world. Split is in third place just after Rome and Saint Petersburg, Zadar is in 16th and Dubrovnik in 20th. According to the number of awards received, in 2018 Croatia was on the 6th place in the world list.

The most hospitable places

Based on the share of facilities that won the award in 2018, Booking.com is discovering for the first time the most hospitable places in the world according to traveler reviews. Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia and Greece are the most hospitable countries with the highest percentage of awarded facilities.

The most hospitable destinations in Croatia are Slunj, Korenica, Plitvice Lakes, Otočac, Rakovica, Skradin, Osijek, Zagreb, Split, Rovinj. This is especially important for 72% of travelers from Croatia who say that friendly and interesting locals are one of the most important factors when choosing a destination for their next trip.

Preferred types of accommodation

When it comes to the most hospitable types of accommodation, travelers from Croatia prefer the experience of staying in hotels, holiday homes, apartments and villas. For the second year in a row, apartments are the most awarded type of accommodation and make up more than a third (36%) of awarded facilities in the world in 2018. In fact, while hotels are the second most awarded type of accommodation, almost three quarters (73%) of all awarded facilities are houses, apartments and other unique accommodation facilities, including boats, iglue, accommodation with the host and the country house. Also for the second year in a row, in 2018, four of the five most awarded types of accommodation belong to accommodation options: Apartments (269.649), hotels (148.913), private accommodation (78.574), bed and breakfasts (66.697) and cottages (56.303).

The trend continues in 2019…

The continuing interest of travelers to experience a diverse range of unique stays can also be seen in the results of a recent survey by Booking.com among 21.500 travelers from 29 countries, including 500 respondents from Croatia, who emphasizes that in 2019 almost half of travelers from Croatia (45% ) preferred to stay in private accommodation (holiday home or apartment) than in a hotel. In addition, more than a quarter of travelers from Croatia (27%) say they would consider adding their home to the accommodation booking page during the next year accommodation booking page. With 33% of travelers from Croatia who also want to stay in 2019 in a type of accommodation that they have never tried before, consumer demand in this segment still remains high.

What does the vice president of Booking.com say?

"Regardless of the type, size or location of the accommodation facility, we have noticed with our guests that they truly appreciate the element of human warmth during their trip, whether it is extra attention to detail or a truly individualized approach to the service.”Said Olivier Grémillon, Booking.com vice president. "With these awards we celebrate and think of all the great accommodation providers who create special travel experiences for our guests every day."

"The best family accommodation" in 2018. 

Guesthouse Aljmaš

Guesthouse Barica

Prima Luxury Rooms

Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik

Nirvana Apartments and Rooms

According to the above, it is evident that Croatian family accommodation is among the highest quality in the world and that it follows demand trends.

Of course, it is the hosts who understand their role as an obligation to entertain the guest in the manner of a best friend. OTA platforms such as Booking.com, Airbnb and the like have a great deal of credit for improving family accommodation in Croatia. Much larger than domestic institutions that should be more engaged on this issue.

Finally, it is unfortunate that in the world Croatian hosts enjoy praise and in Croatia insults. This does not go to the credit of those who make unfounded assessments and accidentally or intentionally spread an ugly image of Croatian hosts of family accommodation.

To be continued…

Author: Nedo Pinezić, www.nedopinezic.com / Cover photo: Booking.com

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