A small school on contemporary trends in tourism: The importance of family accommodation and perspectives

How many jobs does family accommodation create? With the generated income, family accommodation creates 208.000 jobs (gross salary 1.000 euros x 12 months) in various activities that "follow" family accommodation. On...

How many jobs does family accommodation create?

With the generated income, family accommodation creates 208.000 jobs (gross salary 1.000 euros x 12 months) in various activities that "follow" family accommodation. On an average of 7 beds per household, the required work is 16 hours per day, or 112 hours per week. This directly employs 2 people per household over a period of 70 days, which brings an additional 174.000 seasonal jobs.

Tourist tax, membership fee and income tax

In 2018, Croatian citizens, based on their private property and putting it into the function of the common good, paid HRK 180 million in income tax to the state budget. The same amount (180 million kuna) was paid into the system of the Croatian Tourist Board as well as an additional 60 million kuna of tourist membership fee.

However, only family accommodation does not have its representatives in the bodies of the councils of tourist boards at all levels, from municipalities to the CNTB. (No legal obligation). Those who contribute the most to the income of the tourist board system are excluded from the system of managing these funds. (Honor exceptions.)

The future of family accommodation

At the global, European and Croatian level, the demand for family accommodation is growing. The biggest impetus for growth came from OTA platforms. Today there are dozens of "P2P connectors": wimdu, 9flats.com, housetrip, flipkey, tripadvisor, homeaway, vrbo, booking.com, roomorama, travelmob, stopsleepgo, interhome, vaycayhero, bedycasa, waytostay, weneedavacation, perfectplaces.com, homestay .com, vacationrentalpeople.com, migoa…

The offer is becoming more and more personalized, the new platforms have a "Facebook" configuration where accommodation providers can easily present themselves, their business, hobbies, their accommodation, novelties to see, experience in the destination.

Airbnb - set new standards

* "Find accommodation on Airbnb." "Discover entire homes and private rooms ideal for any trip." “5-star hosts.” “Freshly ironed bedding and recommendations for the best brunch in town are just part of the hospitality our local hosts will provide.” Global hospitality standards have been set. Guests write a review to the host after each booking. "Each of our hosts must continuously meet the minimum rating and hosting standards in order to advertise accommodation on Airbnb."

* Airbnb

Hotels, camps and short stay rentals

Looking at the distribution of tourist traffic in Europe in 2016, hotels and similar accommodation were the most popular (65%), followed by short-stay accommodation (22%), and in third place are camps with a share of tourist traffic of 13%. Globally, hotels have a share of 30% The situation varies from country to country. In Cyprus and Malta, hotels take up almost 100% of traffic. In Denmark, Luxembourg, France and Sweden, the share of traffic in campsites is more than twice the EU average.

* Eustat, source

Demand for hotel beds

Barcelona continues to grow in the occupancy rate of hotel capacity and is expected to reach 77,9% this year. As early as 2016, Dublin reached a rate of 83%, London 82%. In 2016, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) in Europe grew 1.5% to € 111.77. Geneva, Zurich and Paris achieve the highest prices. Paris (€ 229), London (€ 164), Rome (€ 148.2), Barcelona (€ 141.6), Dublin (€ 138.1), Milan (€ 137.9), Amsterdam (€ 137.5), Frankfurt (€ 127.4),

ADR forecast is above € 120 in 2018/2019…

* Hotelzone, source

The hotel's hit destinations are

Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, big cities. In Berlin, the number of hotel rooms will increase by 3.700 in the next two years. 8.000 new hotel rooms are just opening in London. 2.600 new hotel rooms are opening in Budapest this year.

* Hotelzone, source

Which types of accommodation will increase in demand in Croatia?

B&B, "alternative hotels", a kind of "mix" between hotels and hostels, but also apartments will be increasingly sought after in cities. In rural areas, holiday homes are increasingly in demand, and the demand for small camps, resting places is slowly increasing. Pensions are interesting as an alternative to hotels. Small family hotels - luxury hotels have their own audience that is tied to the gourmet scene and personalized service. In bathing places, there will still be an increased demand for apartments in the bathing season and mass vacations, and outside the peak bathing season, more and more specialized accommodation will be sought in Popout bike & bed accommodation, pet friendly accommodation, wellness accommodation…

In which types of accommodation will prices fall, and in which?

Prices are influenced by several factors, but most of all by the quantity of offered products or services of the same or very similar characteristics as well as the mass demand for such a product or service. The average apartment accommodation is most affected by seasonal price fluctuations, prices can vary even in the ratio of 1/3 (120 euros at the peak of demand - 40 euros in the period of low demand). Better equipped apartments will more easily attract demand, and only then raise the price. Better price and more stable demand will be provided by accommodation specialization (bike friendly, pet friendly, barrier-free accommodation…)

Fall after climb

On average, the "fashion" standard changes every ten years. We remember the former "A" categories, one bathroom in two rooms and a sink with cold water in the room. After that comes the era of apartments. We are now in the era of vacation homes. "Returning" rooms, but in combination with breakfast and of course the bathroom. High standards of aesthetics, hygiene, relaxation zones, contact with nature, good housekeeping, authentic experience… it is always "in fashion".

To be continued …

Author: Nedo Pinezić, www.nedopinezic.com / Photo: Pixabay.com





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