A small school on contemporary trends in tourism: USA and EU support digital economy despite trade conflicts

USA-EU foreign trade affects future relations USA exports to the EU USA exports goods worth USD 285 billion to the EU, services worth USD 240 billion, USD 394 billion ...

USA-EU foreign trade affects future relations

USA exports to the EU

The USA exports to the EU goods worth 285 billion USD, services 240 billion USD, 394 billion USD of management rights, shareholding, etc. 394 USD.

EU exports to the USA

Good 438 billion USD, Services 188 billion USD, management rights, shareholding, etc. 288 billion USD. USA has a positive balance thanks to services and these are administrative digital giants from Microsoft, through Amazon, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc. This year there is a threat of taxes and duties on these services in response to the already imposed tariffs on steel imports, and the biggest threat to the EU economy is the additional imposition on car exports to the USA.

Despite everything, the USA is still at the forefront of trends

From the initial "alternative accommodation", household accommodation has become one of the leading accommodations. In the USA, it is called "private accommodation" .2007. In the USA, only every 10th night was spent in "private accommodation", today every third night is in "private accommodation".

Initially, this accommodation was engaged mainly in sea and mountain destinations for longer vacations, today big cities and shorter stays are a hit. Urban destinations in "private accommodation" in 2012 recorded 13% of overnight stays and in 2016 34%. For longer trips, "private accommodation" was used by 2012% in 52 and 2016% in 62.

Guests who used hotel accommodation in 2013 stated that they did so for the last time in 35% of cases, and already in 2016, as many as 75% of hotel users stated that this was their last hotel booking. Private Accommodation generates $ 29 billion in annual turnover in the United States.

"Private accommodation is priced between cheap (budget) hotels and hotels of higher price class (4), is differentiated as a service just below luxury hotels (above the higher class of hotel 4), in terms of cleanliness and comfort, it is positioned just below luxury hotels and above higher class hotels (4 ****). In urban destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, AirBnB mediates the most, followed by HomeAway and Booking.com in third place. In Orlando, Florida, Aspen and Miyrtle Beach, Home Away mediates more, followed by Airbnb and Booking.com

Booking.com 2018-2019

Booking.com continues to strongly support the segment of accommodation in privately owned apartments, rooms and holiday homes. For the first time, they announced the business results of this part of the offer in 2018. The total revenue of "private accommodation" amounted to 2,5 billion euros, 1/5 of the total revenue of the company.

As many as 40% of active users of booking.com services in addition to hotels in 2018 were looking for alternative accommodation in family (private) accommodation. Therefore, according to Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking.com, it will significantly increase investment in the marketing of family (private) accommodation. In this regard, the battle between Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and HomeAway is intensifying.

How do we stand in Europe?

In Europe, there is an association of tourist private accommodation EHHA- EUROPEAN HOLIDAY HOME ASSOCIATION. In Europe, 20 million beds are registered in this segment of the offer, which records 45 million arrivals a year. "Family accommodation" in Europe generates 80 billion euros in turnover. EHHA was founded in 2013, brings together accommodation owners, accommodation managers and OTA platforms.

EHHA (European Holiday Home Association)

The Secretary General is Carlos Villaro Lassen, a Dane of Spanish descent. EHHA is headquartered in Brussels and is a partner of the European Commission. EHHA continuously conducts research, consultations, publishes reports, selects the best "private accommodation" in Europe.

Members of EHHAe su : Airbnb, HomeAway, Interhome, Novasol, Lomarengas, DanCenter, Wyndham Vacation, Rentals UK, TripAdvisor, WIMDU, Schibsted Media Group, ALEP - Accommodation Association Local in Portugal, ApartmentAllianz, Berlin, Germany,

Association of Serviced Apartment UK, ASAP, UK, Global Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers, ASSC, Scotland Deutscher Ferienhausverband, DFV, Germany, Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening, FB, Denmark, Federación Española de Asociaciones de Viviendas y Apartamentos Turísticos, FEVörening Spain Sverigeturism, Först, Sweden, Irish Self Catering Federation, ISCF, Ireland, Parahotellerie Schweiz, Property Managers Italia, Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublée, SPLM, France, The Association for Family Tourism within the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Union Nationale pour la Promotion and Development of the Vacation Location, UNPLV, France, Vacation Rental Managers Association, VRMA, Global, Verband Deutscher Ferienhausagenturen, VDFA, Germany, Maxxton, SuperControl.


EHHA award 2017 in the competition of 18 countries and the following 8 categories (specialization): Best accessible HH, Best Family Friendly HH, Best Green HH, Best Beach house, Best HH in European Capital, Best Pet HH, Best Unique Spot HH, Best Health and Wellness HH.


It had 12 finalists out of a total of 64. Croatia was the absolute winner with 4 best accommodations out of 8. These were the following facilities: "Vila vista Zamask" (Istria near Pazin) - a unique location, "Villa Vadediji" (Istria near Zminj) - the best wellness & health house, „Vila Sreser“ (DN county, Pelješac) -the best house on the beach, „Vila falcon rook“ (DNŽ, Konavle) -the best house for a family vacation.

EHHA Holliday Home Award 2018.

In 2018, Croatia also had 3 winners in the following categories:

Beach house / https://www.belvilla.com/holiday-home/croatia/vela-luka- 8-persons-HR-20271-02?pax=2&stay_id=1w&arrival_date=2019-04-27

Green - Villa Milica

Pet friendly / Holiday House Green Frame

14 categories (specialization)

Best Unique Spot Holiday Home

Best Holiday Home Beach House

Best Holiday Home in European Capital

Best Family Friendly Holiday Home

Best Green Holiday Home,

Best Accessible Holiday Home,

Best Pet Holiday Home

Best Health and Wellness Holiday Home

Best Unique House Holiday Home

Best Winter Holiday Home

Best Architecture & Design Holiday Home

Best Budget Holiday Home

Best Nature Experience Holiday Home

Best Romantic Escape Holiday Home

These are also the most important specializations of household accommodation for which the demand is growing.

To be continued…

Author: Nedo Pinezić, www.nedopinezic.com



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