Split-Dalmatia County was the first in Europe to introduce Google sea view

Split-Dalmatia County is the first region in Europe to introduce Google Sea view through a Google map, which will enable its users to view the complete sea route along the coast ...

Split-Dalmatia County is the first region in Europe to introduce Google Sea view through a Google map, which will allow its users to view the complete sea route along the coast of this county. 

It is a virtual walk along the coast, and an excellent innovative upgraded information service for boaters, skippers, fishermen, tourists, locals and foreigners. Through this service, they will receive information or a virtual picture of what awaits them when entering each port of Split - Dalmatia County. 

The project was technically realized within the updated recordings for the needs of Google Street View, through the use of Google 360 ​​° technology. In parallel with the mainland, the coast was filmed, which resulted in the finalization of the new platform. This is the first such project in one of our counties. Although the first at the level of regions or counties in Europe, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Rogoznica in 2018 in the entire municipality introduced a "Sew view" virtual via Google Street View.


By the way, Google sea view is an integral part of the project of Split-Dalmatia County "Maritime is good" implemented by the Administrative Department for Maritime Affairs and Tourism of Split-Dalmatia County, which provides citizens with insight into all concessions and concession approvals in SDŽ. is forwarded directly to the competent inspections, and the possibility of reporting the illegality, abuse or devastation of maritime property if they have knowledge of such actions. 

This is also a novelty on a European scale, in which the well-known Google system 'Street View' for the first time received an implemented sea route. And with it a depiction of the entire coastal belt of a region. Sea view has shown the innovation of the Split-Dalmatia County, which continuously, pioneeringly continues to invest in online infrastructure, striving to improve and enhance the promotion of the destination. But it also raises the level of functionality of the system, the benefits of which will be felt not only by guests, but also by the local population”States from the Split-Dalmatia County.

The Google sea view platform will contribute to transparency along with Geographic Information System (GIS) system which the county is preparing will be able to more easily check the situation on the ground and control the devastation of the maritime domain. Tourist and sports significance is extremely important, especially since we are the first County to have such an available service. This is a real example of cooperation between the county and the tourist community and part of the plan of the Integrated Coastal Zone and Marine Environment Management Plan.. ” said the Split-Dalmatia Deputy Mayor Stipe Čogelja.

Every year we strive to further improve the promotion of our destination and we are very pleased that we have successfully implemented the Google Street View project, he said. Joško Stella, director of the SDŽ Tourist Board, which is a partner in this project, and added: “Google Maps are the maps with the most users in the world, they number in the hundreds of millions and therefore it is extremely important to be well and well represented on them. These are the maps on which most navigation devices are based today, which have become an indispensable aid in every trip via smartphones."

The vast majority of guests use Google maps when arriving at the destination, and by bringing Google Street View to almost every place in the county, guests were allowed to virtually tour our entire coast before their arrival. 

"This will make it much easier for boaters to find their desired destination. And when they actually arrive at the location, they will feel as if they have already been there. When it comes to navigation devices, the fact that Google Street View is one of the main factors by which Google makes corrections to its own navigation system is also very important. Therefore, in the future, navigation devices in our county should be significantly more accurate. It will also contribute to the satisfaction of all users. In addition to tourist promotion and timely information, the Sea view platform will make another important item, it will contribute to a better understanding and preservation of our coast. But also to protect the maritime good and future planning”Added Stella.

Contractor of this project Denis Orlić working on this platform in the field, he systematically recorded a thousand kilometers of waterline from the area of ​​Drvenik Veli, Drvenik Mali, Ciovo, Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis and Lastovo. Destinations and locations extremely important to boaters and skippers. 

"The fact that only Nice and Monaco have such a scale, and these are only individual places, not the whole county, speaks volumes about the scale of the project and its size. Over 1,3 million photospheres were taken - 360-degree photography. A view of the views of the island was brought in, the footage was taken 100 meters from the shore and since it was released to the public they have recorded more than 12 million views. I would like to emphasize that the purpose of the project is multiple, it is both tourist and social and communal. Through the tourist purpose, tourists, boaters, skippers using Sea view will see better where they are coming, they will immediately notice if a port is inhabited, if there are berths… In this way they can better prepare for arrival. If we look through the communal purpose, the benefits of this presentation will have various institutions such as the port authority, firefighters who go to the intervention, to the concessionaire who will get a real insight into the state of the coast. - pointed out Denis Orlić.

The Sea view platform is intended for sailors, travel agencies, charter agencies when creating itineraries. It will definitely help with a better connection of the island. The sea view is so precise that it provides information on how many power poles, traffic signs, for example, there are, or what the area looked like before a major intervention. 

How to use Sea view?

Very simple, as is Google Street View. By opening the Google map in the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County, the "yellow man" icon is activated and the map shows lines on the sea that you only need to "click".

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