Sports tourism: the football Dream Cup tournament in Poreč gathers over a thousand competitors

From 17 to 19 June 2022 in Poreč will be held the 5th edition of the Dream Cup Poreč - an international football tournament for categories U9 (2013 and younger), U11 (...


15. June 2022.

From 17 to 19 June 2022 in Poreč will be held the 5th edition of the Dream Cup Poreč - an international football tournament for categories U9 (2013 and younger), U11 (2011 and younger), U13 (2009 and younger), and U14 (2008 and younger). The host of the tournament is the Football Club Jadran Poreč, organized by the companies College-Sport and Dream Sports.

This was announced at yesterday's press conference at which the event was announced by the director of the Poreč Tourist Board Nenad Velenik, tournament director and head of the football school in NK Poreč Marko Kepčija, and vice president of NK Jadran Kristijan Korunić

Compared to the first editions, the Dream Cup has doubled the number of competitors, and 68 teams from 28 clubs from 4 countries will compete in this year's competition. As extremely important for tourism, the football tournament will generate around 2.500 arrivals or almost 10.000 overnight stays. Whether it is seniors or younger, everyone should spend the night. 

"We believe that we have made one big step forward and we are glad to go in that direction. I hope that we will maintain this level of quality because it is very important to point out that we have a lot of teams here that come from year to year, which means that they are satisfied with what is offered to them in Porec and the tournament. This year, for the first time, we have teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic, a large number of teams from various parts of Croatia and Slovenia. Football, especially for the younger generations in this pandemic period, was particularly attractive because it took place outdoors. We had a lot of interest this year and we completed all the applications in mid-March, and there was more interest than we had. " said Marko Kepčija, tournament director.

Kepečija announced the arrival of 1100 players, accompanied by about a hundred coaches, which, accompanied by their parents, makes about 2.500 people who will gather in Poreč around this event.

"The Dream Cup is the strongest football tournament in Poreč - from the organization to the incoming football teams, the quality of the tournament can be seen in the fact that 90 percent of the teams participating in the tournament repeat their visits and ask for more participation. " concluded the vice-president of NK Jadran Kristijan Korunić Korunić.

The director of the Tourist Board, Nenad Velenik, said that Poreč had achieved great results in tourism in the pre-season 2022, thanks to major sporting events such as the one that reappeared, but also some new ones.

"The numbers are excellent and we expect a great tourist season. From January 1 to June 13, 2022, we realized 172 thousand arrivals, or three percent more than in 2019, and 716 thousand overnight stays or two percent more than in 2019 Our main emitting markets are Germany in the first place, followed by Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy ". said Velenik.

According to tourist figures, June gave very good results compared to 2019, the Tourist Board of Poreč recorded a 16 percent increase in arrivals and 9 percent in overnight stays. "These percentages are partly due to the fact that all Catholic holidays this year are positioned in June, unlike three years ago. so we look forward to the days to come ", Velenik concluded.

Finally, let us add that the recently held DanceStar World Dance Masters in Poreč generated 20.000 overnight stays. Sports tourism is best developed in Porec. 


15. June 2022.