Srijem breakfast after Šibenik, from now on in Zagreb

The Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County continues with the original initiative of introducing Srijem delicacies into the tourist offer of Croatia. After Šibenik, it was the turn of the Croatian capital

The Srijem breakfast smelled in the center of Zagreb, and it arrived in the Croatian capital straight from Ilok, from the famous Danube Hotel, the proud owner of the Michelin recommendation.

Krvavica, švargl, sausage, pechenitsa, kulen, kulen seka, cheeses - cow's milk, drizzled, hard with paprika, walnuts, smoked, goat, roasted sausage with cabbage flakes, baked flakes with ham and cheese, bags, noodles with walnuts and poppy seeds… - More than 110 members of the International Women's Club enjoyed the finest Srijem delicacies in the atrium of Mimara, including the ambassadors, the ambassadors' wives.  

In order for traditional foods from eastern Croatia to become an integral part of the tourist offer on the coast and the continent, the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County has branded Srijem breakfast. In the peak of the tourist season, she successfully presented it for the first time in the heritage hotel King Kresimir in Šibenik, and after that it was time for promotion in Zagreb. 

Srijem breakfast in Zagreb PHOTO NEVEN KRANJČEC

"Srijem and Slavonia are known for their traditional cuisine and rich table, which due to colors, flavors and aromas should become an integral part of the eno-gastronomic offer of Croatian restaurants and hotels, especially those that focus on a top gourmet experience.", Said Rujana Bušić Srpak, director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board and wondered why we would not replace the usual international breakfast with original and tested quality food coming from Srijem and Slavonian family farms? This is exactly what the Catering Team Majetić did and was the first in Zagreb to include the Srijem breakfast in its offer.

"Breakfast has become very popular in recent years, and a large number of our clients insist on the indigenous and traditional offer from Croatia. We opted for the Srijem breakfast which is extremely rich, varied and most importantly delicious", Says Vedrana Hercigonja Majetić, owner of Catering Team Majetić.

Srijem breakfast in Zagreb PHOTO NEVEN KRANJČEC

"Meals speak louder than words, and our mission is to make you happy with food", Concludes Željko Kovčalija, the owner of the Ilona Hotel Dunav, and that the cordial and hospitable people of Srijem succeeded in that, confirmed Nigerian Akuoma Helen Boromisa, president of the International Women's Club with a permanent address in Samobor.  "I enjoyed the Srijem breakfast. I like kulen and roasted sausage with cabbage flakes the most. After tasting these great dishes that reflect the tradition of eastern Croatia, you want to visit the cities and towns of Srijem and Slavonia at the first opportunity.", Points out Boromisa. 

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