Sustainable development: Dubrovnik restaurateurs installed fat separators in the historic center

According to the decision of the City Council of the city of Dubrovnik, all catering establishments in the historic center had to install fat separators (fat separator) in the...


November 3, 2023

According to the decision of the Dubrovnik City Council, all hospitality facilities  in the historic core, they had to install grease separators (fat separator) in the business premises by December 31, 2020.

Grease extractors or grease separators serve to purify waste water containing fats and oils of vegetable origin, and are installed in the internal drainage system of the facility. The obligation to install grease traps for catering facilities in the historic center is prescribed by the Decision on Leasing of Public Areas.

As stated by the city of Dubrovnik, employees of the Department for Communal Ordering carried out the supervision of catering facilities in the area of ​​the historic core of the city, which were obliged to install grease separators, so-called grease separators, in their kitchens. first, catering facilities were informed in writing about the installation of fat collectors, while after that the municipal wardens performed an on-site check in a total of 84 catering facilities that prepare food. The inspection found that 80 facilities have built-in grease traps, while the representatives of the remaining four facilities presented evidence of the purchase of the device.

"Municipal wardens will carry out additional checks on the ground, and if the remaining facilities do not install the devices in the prescribed manner within a reasonable period of time, the City of Dubrovnik will, in accordance with the contracts for the lease of public areas, cancel the public areas of those facilities", they state from the city of Dubrovnik.

For the first time in the history of Dubrovnik, the sewage system is being cleaned

The city of Dubrovnik and Vodovod Dubrovnik are carrying out the cleaning and rehabilitation of the historic mixed drainage channel, and after a break due to the tourist season, the work will continue first on Prijeka up to the Onofrio fountain, while the cleaning of the channel below Stradun will be carried out after the end of the 10th Dubrovnik Winter Festival.

Photo: City of Dubrovnik

It is a project within the Dubrovnik Agglomeration, the EU project "Development of water and communal infrastructure Dubrovnik", the largest infrastructural intervention in the water supply and sewerage system in the history of Dubrovnik worth more than HRK 880 million, i.e. over EUR 117 million.

Sewerage cleaning began with investigative work in February 2018, and the first cleaning and rehabilitation work carried out covered a 30-meter-long canal.

Excellent results in the postseason – October recorded 9% more overnight stays and 22% more arrivals

The successful outcome of this season in Dubrovnik rounded off an excellent October in which 338.563 overnight stays were realized, which represents an increase of 9% compared to the previous year 2022. According to the data of the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, 116.914 arrivals were recorded, i.e. 22% more than last year.

The year 2023 until October 31 recorded 20 percent more arrivals and 9 percent more overnight stays compared to the previous one, and the most numerous guests are traditionally from the United Kingdom and the USA, followed by France, Germany, Croatia, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Finland, Canada...

Photos: Carlos Lindner on Unsplash



November 3, 2023