Four Croatian tourist films won awards at the ART & TUR film festival in Portugal

According to the Tourist Stories portal, four Croatian representatives won awards at the ART & TUR International Tourist Film Festival, which took place in Portugal for the past four days. In the competition of tourist promotional films and documentaries ...

As the portal reports Tourist stories at the International Tourism Film Festival ART & TUR which took place in Portugal for the past four days, the awards were won by four Croatian representatives.

In competition tourist promotional films and documentaries from around the world Croatian production thus received recognition for promotion in the year in which tourism was most affected by the corona crisis. Croatian films have already won a number of awards at international festivals, so the latest success is certainly no accident.

But let's go in order. ART & TUR International Tourist Film Festival it was held for the thirteenth time and as a forum for the exchange of experiences it received high international recognition, thanks to the quality and quantity of films, as well as integration into the world network of similar CIFFT festivals. Today is CIFFT the most prestigious award and recognition initiative in marketing video of the tourism industry. With 18 members of the festival, CIFFT Circuit Grand Prix the largest competition is dedicated to video marketing for the travel and tourism industry, covering 17 countries and 18 cities.

First place in the competition 'Tourist destinations - Film locations' he won Croatia Your Next Filming Destination. The film was shot in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board and the production company Balduči, and calls on the film industry to choose Croatia as its destination for filming. The award was received by producer Spomenka Saraga.

In competition 'Social responsibility' film Zagreb Loves You he received the second prize. It is a slightly different promotional film by the Zagreb Tourist Board, which shows the full range of emotions experienced by the people of Zagreb on March 22, when the city was hit by a devastating earthquake. The award was accepted by the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld.

Also second place but in the category 'Wellness tourism' it belonged to the film Dubrovnik - Safe Vacation. It is an animated film by the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, in which the knight Orlando takes viewers to 1377, when the idea of ​​quarantine as a way of fighting various epidemics was conceived in Dubrovnik. The award was presented to producer Stjepan Milas.

And finally a reward for the best original soundtrack received a promotional film from the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka and the production company Balduči film Rijeka - I miss you in which Rijeka presents itself as a year-round tourist and city-break destination.

Source: Tourist stories

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