Terme Sveti Martin is the first tourist company to introduce a private social network in its business

Terme Sveti Martin is the first tourist company to introduce a tool into its daily business that enables them to use their "private social network", ie the Jenz application. Namely, it is an application ...

Terme Sveti Martin is the first tourist company to introduce a tool into its daily business that enables them to use their "private social network", ie the Jenz application.

Namely, it is an application of a domestic company of the Q agency, which has united the entire communication of the company, both private and business, into one application or a closed social network.

All company communication in one application

“Late last year, when we got back to work, we looked at how and how to increase connectivity among people in the firm and keep them informed. There was a lot of daily information, especially related to the situation around the coronavirus. We looked at how to distribute all the information within the company the fastest, and still to achieve a better connection with employees. ", he points out Igor Nekić, director of the first Healthness Resort in Europe - Terme Sveti Martin.

He found out about Jenz on the social business network LinkedIn, after which he contacted them and soon after that they started preparing and implementing it. After three months of use, Nekić points out that everyone in the company has accepted the new way of communication and that they see Jenz as an internal social network.

“We have been using Jenz for about three months now and everyone is thrilled. They publish and like pictures and posts from private life, so we all get to know each other better and connect, while on the other hand, we have business communication where we publish information about everyday business - from various regulations, daily obligations, changes in business, etc.… All information they automatically exit through the app and all employees have insight into key information. We look at it as an internal social business network that serves us for both official and unofficial communication ", states Nekić and emphasizes that Jenz has already proven to be a very good tool and an excellent investment.


"As a young and open company, we are always open to new ideas and look at how to follow all new trends and be different from others", says Nekić, and adds that they are the first resort to introduce Jenz, ie such a way of communication in everyday business, which is another step towards the digitalization of their business, as well as the tourism sector.

Better and more efficient communication within the company, better employee connectivity, better work atmosphere, digitalization su are the key tags of this story, but there is one important lesson.

Photo: Jenz

We should always “watch” and be open to new ideas, because those who watch and see recognize new opportunities. If we are closed and look at everything negatively, of course we will not see all the new opportunities or doors that open to us. This is also true for organizations and teams that do not have quality relationships within the company. Often the work atmosphere and good relations within the company are a more important motive for attracting and retaining a quality workforce than just the amount of salary.


Many times in Croatia we have heard "people are the key to success in tourism". Yes, the brand of your hotel is your employees. They are the first and most important, because they represent your hotel to the guests, not the Management. They are in direct contact with guests and an advantage for praise or criticism. They deliver brand promise. Happy employees who love their own, who are content and smiling, these are the ones who give, not 100 percent, but always a percentage more. People who are valued and respected are people who will "die" for your brand and who will have no problem doing something outside of working hours. Here we are talking about the work atmosphere, communication, trust, job satisfaction, and this is all more important than the salary itself.

As you take care of your employees, so will they take care of your brand. The first and basic rule is open communication with and respect for your employees. Ask them what they think is how to improve the service and all business processes. It is one thing to have something on paper and in your head, and it is another to see how things work in practice, ie in the field. Trust me, you will be surprised by the answers, suggestions and ideas.

I know, it sounds like a cliché, but a couple of years ago the tourism sector directly felt what it means to find and keep a quality workforce and how there are many more factors than the salary itself.


Do you use LinkedIn? If not, be sure to open an account as soon as possible, both private and business, and start communicating. LinkedIn is the best social network in the business sector, both for networking and for selling and arranging new collaborations. A place where you have to be, especially if you work in the tourism sector.

Let's connect Goran Rihelj / HrTurizam.hr / Igor Nekić / Jenz

Photo: Jenz / Terme Sveti Martin / Illustration: HrTurizam

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