The 112th meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Travel Commission was held in Lithuania

Croatia is among the most sought-after European destinations

Author  HrTurizam Promo

22. May 2024.

Today he is in a Lithuanian city Kaunas held the 112th meeting Board of Directors of the European Travel Commission (European Travel Commission – ETC), the most important and oldest international tourist association in Europe. The meeting is, in addition Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board and at the same time vice president of ETC, were also present Miguel Sanz, president of ETC, Magda Antonioli, vice president of ETC, Eduardo Santander, executive director of ETC, as well as other representatives of national tourism organizations of member countries.

The main topics of the meeting included, among other things, Europe's key priorities for the period from 2024 to 2029 with a special emphasis on sustainability and green transition, competitiveness and digitalization, and current geopolitical and market trends were also discussed. Thus, the results were presented as part of the meeting 18th wave of ETC research on the travel intentions of tourists to destinations within Europe. As it was pointed out, this research observed the intention to travel in the period from May to October 2024, and the data show that 75% of respondents plan to make the trip, that is, three percent more tourists compared to last year. Among the leading destinations to which tourists intend to travel in the specified period Croatia is located at seventh place.

"The ETC research confirms our announcements and positive expectations for the tourist year 2024. That our country is among the most sought-after European destinations is best demonstrated by the data of the eVisitor system, according to which over 3,4 million arrivals have been made in Croatia so far this year and 10,4 million overnight stays, which represents an increase of 11 percent in arrivals and 10 percent in overnight stays compared to last year. Also, the data from the ETC research is based on analyzes carried out on 10 European markets, and the indicators for Croatia would also be better if among the selected markets there were also countries like Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary, where our country enjoys the status of a leading foreign destination for summer trips", the director emphasized Stanicic.

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Looking at age groups, the intention to travel increases with age, so 81% of those over 55 intend to travel this year, and when it comes to the main reasons for traveling, they are related to the sun and the sea (20%) and visiting cities (16%) . The most sought-after experiences are enjoying the beauty of the landscape (19%), enjoying local gastronomy (17%), getting to know other cultures (15%) and visiting famous attractions (15%).

Let's add that the research shows that the main criteria for choosing destinations will be safety (16%), favorable weather conditions (13%) and discounts and attractive offers (11%). The research was conducted in April of this year in 10 European markets, from which tourists from Italy (82%), Spain (80%), Poland (79%), the UK (78%) and the Netherlands (76%) show the greatest intention to travel. ).

Members of the ETC Board of Directors also discussed the impact of tourist travel from distant markets on CO2 emissions and how to achieve a sustainable balance when it comes to these markets, which are important in the context of strengthening tourist traffic in the pre- and post-season. Also, the meeting discussed the further strengthening of the position of tourism and the travel industry in the context of the formation of a new convocation of the European Parliament and the European Commission, considering the importance of tourism in the total GDP of European countries, employment and the impact on the quality of life in local areas. In this sense, ETC wants to be a strong partner to European institutions in the implementation of policies related to tourism.

Source and photo: Croatian National Tourist Board

Author  HrTurizam Promo

22. May 2024.