The 140th anniversary of the Blue Cave was marked with an exhibition in the former military tunnel in Biševo

The Blue Cave was first discovered by the Viennese painter Eugen Baron Ransonnet in 1884


21. June 2024.

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the discovery of the Blue Cave in Biševo, the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County joined the celebration by organizing an exhibition of underwater photography called "Under the sea, under the earth" in the former military tunnel "Gatula" in Biševo.

The exhibition was officially opened on Thursday by the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Ivana Vladović, prefect of Split-Dalmatia Blaženko Boban and the mayor of Komiža, Tonka Ivčević.

The exhibition shows underwater scenes of the Vis archipelago and other parts of the Adriatic water area. The authors of the photos are Dalibor Andres, Daniel Frka, Ivana Grgić,Damir Zurub, Marjan Radović, Srdjan Vrančić i Bozidar Vukičević who have been faithfully recording and documenting the underwater world of the Adriatic for years.

It is about the best underwater photographers whose photographs mostly won first places at world competitions, and whose work was recognized with numerous national and international awards.

"We decided to combine this special anniversary of the Blue Cave with art, and this time it is the art of our underwater photographers, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful scenes that they captured for us. The biggest names in underwater photography joined us on this project, even those who don't know much about photography know what these names mean and represent. With this exhibition, we wanted to show that tourism should be something that enriches our nature, culture and heritage, and art is the link that unites all of this into one beautiful story. We also want to pay tribute to our natural heritage and welcome everyone who wants to discover the essence of Dalmatia, which is gentle, full of traces of history and wonderful landscapes, and preserve it as such for all future generations." said Vladović.

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Mayor Boban joined in the congratulations on the organization of such a unique event and emphasized that Komiža is truly the pearl of the Croatian Adriatic.

"There is a lot of unusual things here in Komiža and Biševo, already at the first bars of brass music and klapa song, I was taken back to the series "Malo misto", in my opinion one of the best series in this area. And then I come back to reality and see that we are not in the "Little Mist" but in the pearl of the Croatian Adriatic, Komiža. There are so many events going on here right now, the Rota Sea Festival Palagruzona, the exhibition "Under the sea, under the earth", the 140th anniversary of the Blue Cave... Therefore, I thank the photographers first of all for providing us with a unique opportunity to see what is "under the earth and under the sea". And you media, what you see and record today, pass it on to the world because this is truly the beauty of Croatia - said Boban.

Ivčević pointed out that this exhibition is held as part of the Rota Palagruzon Sea Festival, the most important event for all Komi residents.This exhibition perfectly complements the Rota Palagruzon Sea Festival, which celebrates our fishermen, of whom we are very proud, and who have been fishing on the island of Palagruža and the Vis archipelago for centuries. I would like to thank all the authors who provided photos, we will have a wonderful exhibition in the Gatula tunnel on Biševo all summer long, and I certainly invite all Komi residents and other visitors to visit this unique exhibition." concluded the mayor of Komiže.

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Professor emeritus, poet and sailor joined this great and significant anniversary Joško Božanić who addressed the crowd with a recitation in the Komi dialect, and the exhibition curator and photo editor in Slobodna Dalmacija Mother plant as well as numerous other guests.

The ceremonial opening of the exhibition was followed by a rowing regatta from Komiža to Mezoporat bay on Biševo. The photographs will be exhibited in the tunnel until October 1, 2024, and the exhibition will be open to all visitors until then.

The Viennese painter is responsible for the discovery of the Blue Cave Eugene Baron Ransonnet who is her 1884. The discovered during his diving expedition. Its discovery marked the beginning of tourism in Dalmatia, and the Blue Cave has since become an unavoidable attraction of the Adriatic. 

Od In 1951, the Blue Cave was protected as a geomorphological natural monument, and it is characterized by a light phenomenon that gives the rocks and the seabed a sky-blue color that leaves no visitor indifferent.

Photo: Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County


21. June 2024.