The Crikvenica Riviera is the second most visited Kvarner destination

Compared to the same period last year, tourist arrivals are better by 56,74%, overnight stays by 40,97%, and 2,32% more arrivals were recorded than in the record year of 2019.

11. August 2022.

After the first seven months of 2022, statistical data show that the Crikvenica Riviera has found itself in the company of the most popular Kvarner destinations, or rather - in second place.

Results for the period from January 1 to July 31, 2022. in the e-Visitor system, they say that the Crikvenica Riviera has achieved a total of 207.748 arrivals i 1,086.766 nights. Expressed as a percentage, compared to the same period last year, tourist arrivals are better by 56,74%, and overnight stays by 40,97%.

The comparison with 2019, which was a record year in terms of tourism achievements, is as follows: this year, 2,32% more arrivals were recorded, and 4,57% fewer overnight stays. 

Looking at the markets, since the beginning of the year the largest number of overnight stays was achieved by Germans (229.789), domestic guests (228.656), Slovenians (94.898), Hungarians (92.427) and Austrians (89.503). As expected, they all exceeded the number of overnight stays compared to the same period last year, and Germans, Austrians and Hungarians also exceeded the same period in 2019.

Looking at the results by location on the Riviera, there were 546.530 overnight stays in Crikvenica, 299.558 in Selc, 156.698 in Dramlj and 83.980 in Jadranovo. Data on the share of overnight stays by type of accommodation facilities show that the most tourist traffic was realized in household facilities (47,14%), then in hotels (22,08%), 12,36% in other types of accommodation, and in camps 6,34 %. The rest is made up of non-commercial accommodation.

According to the number of overnight stays (240.002), hotels are better compared to 2021 by 72,34%, and compared to 2019 by 17,74%. The number of overnight stays in camps is better than in 2021 by 62,43% and in 2019 by 8,53%. Private accommodation is also one of the three types that are better in the number of overnight stays compared to the last three years. When you compare the average occupancy with last year's results, this year hotels are more occupied by 67,74%, campsites by 60%, other accommodation facilities by 46,15% and private accommodation by 40%. 

In July, Riviera Crikvenica found itself in "Top 10 destinations in Croatia" according to overnight stays. The Riviera was visited by 104.821 guests and 657.360 overnight stays were achieved, i.e. 14,56% more overnight stays than last year and only 5,80% less than the record year of 2019.

In terms of turnover in July of this year, German guests led the way - they had a share of 20,28% in overnight stays, followed by domestic guests with 18,73%. Hungarians are third in order (9,71%), followed by Slovenians (8,58%) and Slovaks (8,35%). Of the mentioned markets, Hungary and Slovakia generate a higher number of overnight stays compared to 2019. Looking at the data according to the structure of accommodation facilities, it can be seen that household facilities generate 52,07% of the total turnover, hotels have a share of 17,64%, other accommodation facilities 10,73%, and camps 5,84%. The rest is made up of non-commercial accommodation.

Crikvenica Tourist Board throughout the year, it takes all the necessary measures and activities to strengthen and upgrade the position of the Crikvenica Riviera as a desirable and high-quality tourist destination with a diverse offer, and the emission markets increasingly recognize the Riviera as a year-round destination that offers much more besides sun and sea, so it is constantly being worked on and on the expansion of the offer.

The result of this work is good tourism results and achievements, especially approaching the record year 2019. It is likely that thanks to new investments, the constant effort and work of tourism workers, the improvement of the quality of the existing offer and the creation of new products, the Crikvenica Riviera will become even more visited.

Source, photo: TZG Crikvenica

11. August 2022.