The Croatian fire brigade sent a warning about the great danger of fire

Due to the favorable weather conditions for the outbreak of open space fires, the Croatian Fire Association calls on all citizens to be extra careful. According to the most...


21. June 2024.

Due to weather conditions favorable for the outbreak of open space fires, Croatian Fire Brigade Association urges all citizens to be extra careful. 

According to the announcements of the State Hydrometeorological Institute, the peak of the heat wave is passing through Croatia. Due to the weather conditions and a large amount of dry vegetation, there is a risk of a forest fire big is for Dalmatia, very large in the area Neretva, Mljet and Lastova, according to the Croatian Fire Association.
In order to reduce the number of fires, the Croatian Fire Brigade reminds us to behave responsibly:

1. Keep the yard clean, as this reduces the possibility of the fire spreading to the surrounding buildings.

2. If you use barbecues in households, do not do it in windy weather and be sure to turn off the grill after using it.

3. Fire spreads quickly in caravans and boats, so leave them immediately if you cannot safely extinguish the fire in its initial stages.

4. Do not make it difficult for the firefighters to extinguish, and do not put yourself in danger, in order to observe the fire from close range or to photograph and record it.

5. Do not use drones to record fires, as this endangers the safety of fire fighting aircraft participating in the intervention.

6. Do not throw cigarette butts, glass or light a fire in an open area.

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Also, care should be taken to be in cars do not leave children or pets because in these conditions, dehydration and heat stroke occur very quickly, which can lead to severe organ damage, and ultimately death.
In case you notice a fire, call the fire department immediately 193 or Center 112, state what happened and whether people are in danger and state the exact address where you noticed the fire.

We all contribute to safety by our responsible behavior.


21. June 2024.