The European hospitality industry in 2024 is moving towards sustainability, short supply chains and offering local experiences


February 24, 2024.

European hotels, like every year, are making adjustments this year to improve guest experiences and align with the latest consumer trends.

One notable change is in the food offering, where hotels are focusing on sustainability and regional sourcing. Most hotels now offer vegetarian and vegan options reflecting the growing demand for this choice among guests.

In addition, many hotels are switching to packaging without plastic, showing a commitment to reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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Although Artificial Intelligence was a popular term in the tourism industry, its acceptance in hotels is not as widespread as initially expected.

Despite the potential benefits, only a small percentage of hotels are using AI, and interest among hoteliers appears to be waning, it says Anna Ellis za Euro WeeklyNews.

Most hoteliers do not plan to implement artificial intelligence in the future, signaling a move away from this technology in this sector.

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Recently Research carried out in the European hospitality sector showed that there is significant interest in offering guests more local experiences in the next six months.

The news sparked action among hoteliers in Austria, the Nordics, Italy, Portugal, Greece and France, with more than 60 percent now prioritizing the inclusion of local experiences in their offerings.

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February 24, 2024.