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Lonjsko polje Nature Park records a significant increase in attendance

In the first six months, the Lonjsko polje Nature Park recorded an increase in attendance of 150% compared to the same period last year, mostly by domestic visitors, but there is a return ...

Lonjsko polje Nature Park records in the first six months an increase in attendance of 150% over the same period last year and most domestic visitors, but the return of foreign visitors, Germans and French.

"We want to provide visitors with a pleasant stay in the Park, and numerous thanks and positive comments give us extra wind in the back and motivation to introduce new programs and services and continue to invest in visitor infrastructure. The most sought after is solar-powered boat trips on the Strug River to visitors known as the 'Slavonian Amazon', which is why they usually return to the Park., pointed out the director of the Public Institution "Nature Park Lonjsko polje" Marija Kušmiš.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park covers an area of ​​511 square kilometers with a prominent cultural heritage and rich flora and fauna. The most visited sites are Krapje - a village of architectural heritage, Mužilovčica - where you can see the traditional way of grazing cattle known as "Posavina safari", Čigoč - a village of storks and the observatory "Ptica kosac" in Repušnica, which was built as part of the project "Increasing attractiveness and educational capacity of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park with the construction of the visitor center 'Crna roda' Osekovo ”. The new Visitor Center "Crna roda" will soon open its doors to the public, as well as two new observatories that with their attractive appearance will further arouse the curiosity of visitors to explore the undiscovered natural pearl near Zagreb.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is one of the largest and best preserved natural floodplains in Europe, a treasure trove of biodiversity not only in Croatia but throughout the Old Continent.

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