Ministry of Tourism signs contracts within the program "Competitiveness of the tourism industry"

The Minister of Tourism, Anton Kliman, signed contracts with the beneficiaries of the Competitiveness of the Tourism Economy and Professional Association program for the area of ​​the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County at the Kezele Rural Tourism. The ministry of tourism...

Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman signed contracts with the beneficiaries of the program at the rural tourism Kezele Competitiveness of the tourism industry and the Professional Association, for the area of ​​the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County. Ministry of Tourism as part of the program "Competitiveness of the tourism industry" allocated a total of 24,7 million kuna, of which 23 for projects in this area.

Program Tourism Competitiveness financed investments in increasing the quality and additional offer catering facilities, development of new and innovative tourism products in the area, the internationalization of business, sustainable development, diversification of supply, the use of new technologies and other activities with the aim of extending the season, the preservation of jobs, new employment, growth and development of the tourism economy. "The goals of this program are harmonized with the action plans of the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2020 related to the development of the offer of innovative and creative tourist products, increasing the occupancy of accommodation capacities and extending the season in destinations, increasing average consumption per day, increasing employment and self-employment. and networking with other tourism service providers at the destination level ", emphasizes Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman.

The Grant Grant Scheme is made up of measures, each of which has a different purpose of co-financing. Beneficiaries of the funds are small business entities (non-public sector companies, trades and cooperatives), family farms that provide catering and / or tourist services and private persons - private renters.

The Professional Associations Program allocates funds to professional associations for co-financing vocational training and development projects, for projects that promote the introduction of innovation, destination management, sustainable tourism, a new tourism product and social tourism and other special forms of tourism. "Professional associations in tourism and catering are an important partner of the Ministry of Tourism and a participant in the development of innovation, destination management, creation of new tourism obligations and education. Therefore, we encourage the quality of their projects and programs, valuing above all excellence, but also sustainability and social responsibility. We have given priority to those associations that will employ young people or people with disabilities on selected projects and programs in order to take care of its social importance and value as part of tourism development.", Emphasizes the Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman.

Source: Mint

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