The best entertainment for your guests with Total (no) Tv solution

Anywhere, Total TV covers everything!

Do you have everything you need for the new tourist season?

Do you care about tourists and their domicile programs?

Do you have the best pay TV Slovenian, German, Polish, British and Italian programs available in your apartments?

Have you ever asked tourists what they and their children like to do when it rains or when the weather conditions are not favorable for outdoor activities?

Is your facility completely covered by a stable TV and internet signal?

These are just some of the questions you have to face, and your only wish is a satisfied guest?

Nowadays, the guest is becoming more demanding in terms of using tourist services, and television is considered the most important basic offer in any accommodation. Today's guest knows what he wants, is educated and will look for all the benefits without hesitation. That is why it is good to provide the largest selection of programs as well as stable and fast internet to meet the needs of all guest profiles

Total TV in its offer for the tourism sector offers the possibility of watching over 300 satellite programs from foreign, domestic, sports, music, children's to adult programs. The crystal clear HD quality picture is breathtaking, and the Dolby stereo digital system allows you to feel the real sound of the content.

Total TV has proven to be the best solution for the user who knows what he wants and for whom the quality of the picture and the offer of the program are important, and the fact that the service can be used in the most inaccessible places further facilitates the purchase decision. Careful selection of the program range as well as special benefits is devoted to a lot of time to meet the needs of everyday users to seasonal renters.

Are you ready for ALL IN ONE?

ALL IN ONE is a premium package intended for renters and small and medium hoteliers.

ALL IN ONE offers the possibility of watching the most attractive program content in each room on the most modern HDTV devices from 40 kuna per month per room.

ALL IN ONE is a postpaid service tailored to your tourist season lasting 3, 6 or 9 months

ALL IN ONE offer is compatible with the requirements and lifestyle of your guests and immediately leaves a good impression, and this is exactly what you want!

Don’t miss the opportunity to become the best player of the season and contract ALL IN ONE package on

Make your guests feel at home because we offer you smart solutions at the best prices!

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