The Poreč Riviera cluster invites stakeholders to join the "THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA" project

The wine-gastronomy project of the Tourist Boards of the Poreč Riviera Cluster.


3. June 2024.

The tourist boards of the Poreč Riviera Cluster (Poreč TZ, Tar - Vabriga TZ, Funtana TZ, Kaštelir-Labinci TZ and Vižinada TZ) announced today competition for evaluation and selection of restaurants, taverns, winemakers, olive growers, cheese and honey producers, pastry shops, bars and autochthonous souvenir shops operating in the area of ​​the cluster.  

"THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA" is a project of the Tourist Boards of the Poreč Riviera Cluster to which it belongs the goal is to offer visitors as well as the local population of Poreština quality information about the wine and gastronomic offer according to the criteria of excellence, and additionally promote authentic content through the already established tourist offer while raising the quality and enriching the tourist offer in the area of ​​the Poreč Riviera Cluster.

Business entities that perform activities in one or more of the listed categories in the area of ​​the City of Poreč and the Municipality of Tar - Vabriga, Funtana, Kaštelir - Labinci and Vižinada can apply for the tender:

  • Restaurants / taverns classified into the following subcategories;
    • Restaurants
    • Agritourism / tavern
    • Gourmet facilities specialized in a certain type of food/service
    • Beach facilities
  • Winemakers
  • Olive groves
  • Cheese makers
  • Honey producers
  • Patisserie
  • Bars classified into the following subcategories:
    • Coffee bars
    • Cocktail/ beach bar
    • Special Bars
    • Night Bars
  • Eko
  • Indigenous souvenir shops with ethno/gastro offer
  • & More - Other categories, for those who are not found in any of the above.

Application conditions candidates are:

  1. The entity must have regular operations and be registered for all forms of activity it engages in in the category in which it competes;
  2. Must have been in business for at least one year prior to applying for the tender in question;
  3. The entity must meet the minimum technical requirements for all forms of activity it engages in in the category in which it competes.

The competition is open from June 3 to June 17, 2024.

The best of orec riviera project tz porec

The applicant must fill in the application form online form which contains the basic data of the business entity, a brief description of the activity and the arguments on the basis of which it is applying for inclusion in the "THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA" list.

Online form to apply for the competition is published on the website of the tourism boards of the Poreč Riviera cluster (,,,

Basic information and data about the business, as well as qualitative indicators (type, content of the offer and other significant parameters) will be collected through field checks, direct interviews and a snapshot of the situation. The rulebook for the evaluation and selection of candidates for inclusion in the list "THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA" determines the criteria and standards for application, selection and inclusion in the list "THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA". The evaluation will be carried out by an expert jury consisting of 5 members appointed by the Tourist Boards of the Poreč Riviera cluster.

After the evaluation, the tourist board will prepare a new edition of the brochure "THE BEST OF POREČ RIVIERA", which will be distributed in the Information Center of tourist boards, travel agencies and hotel receptions.

Link to the competition:

Source and photo: Tourist Board of the City of Poreč


3. June 2024.