The project "Digital nomads - Lives and works in central Istria" continues with the support of HTZ

TZ of central Istria was awarded 126.173 euros in support from HTZ for the implementation of projects.


9. April 2024.

The Croatian Tourist Board awarded the Tourist Board of Central Istria EUR 126.173,00 in financial support from the Fund for Associated Tourist Boards.

Three important projects will be co-financed with the aforementioned grants, which will offer guests of central Istria an additional reason to come to this area.

In January of this year, the Tourist Board of Central Istria (TZSI) was diligently writing projects that will be added reason for coming to the area of ​​central Istria.

The announced projects are a continuation of already established projects and manifestations of this area and are candidates for the Public Tender for the allocation of funds for joint tourist board projects in 2024 from the Fund for Joint Tourist Boards, which was announced by the Croatian Tourist Board. 

In accordance with the decision of the 32nd session of the Tourist Council of the Croatian Tourist Board, held on April 8, 2024, the Tourist Board of Central Istria was awarded a total of €126.173,00 in financial support for three projects.

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The funds will be used for three projects:

1. Digital nomads - Lives and works in central Istria - "Central Istria ViNomad work week", which was co-financed with €37.480,00;

2. Discover central Istria, which was co-financed with €39.693,00 and

3. Co-organization and organization of significant events of central Istria, which was co-financed with €49.000,00.

The project Digital nomads - Live and work in central Istria - Central Istria ViNomad workation week is a continuation of the project Live and work in central Istria, which has been implemented since 2021, and aims to attract a new profile of guests - digital nomads - to our destination. All digital nomads can be informed about opportunities in central Istria via the website of the same name.

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The program integrates local enogastronomy, indigenous traditional products, guided walks, cycling and workshops - with regular remote work. Participants will indulge in the wealth of flavors of central Istria through selected experiences of local cuisine, distillates and indigenous products.

Central Istria

The Discover Central Istra project will be implemented during the main tourist season, and thanks to it, guests will enjoy cinema screenings, concerts, guided sightseeing tours and organized walks through picturesque villages, thus exploring the green heart of Istria.

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The last, but no less important project is the Co-organization and organization of significant events in central Istria. Important and recognizable manifestations, thanks to which central Istria counts a large number of arrivals and overnight stays throughout the year, are ISAP, With Sausage in the EU, Wine Exhibition in Gračišće, Living Nativity Scene, Advent in the Heart of Istria and the new event "Hook & Cook Central Istria" , a new gastro festival at the fairytale location of the Cerovlje bar, which will be held in August.

The financial support of the HTZ is extremely important for the further extension of the tourist season, but also the further development of the municipalities within the TZSI, and it is also a confirmation that the HTZ supports formally associated TZs, and the TZ of central Istria is undoubtedly a good example of sustainable and rational financial management in tourism in the area of ​​Istria.

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The TZ of Central Istria includes 9 LGUs - the City of Pazin and the municipalities of Cerovlje, Gračišće, Karojba, Lupoglav, Pićan, Sveti Lovreč, Sveti Petar u Šuma and Tinjan, which are branded and developed under the slogan "Central Istria - Original Istria", and all activities are carried out from the joint office of TZ in Pazin. Thanks to the financial support of the HTZ, the Central Istria Tourist Board implements the projects foreseen in the work program, which represents a significant form of support for an underdeveloped touristic area.

The focus is on the uniform and sustainable development of the covered area, the development of selective forms of tourism, which contribute to the extension of the tourist season and the long-term goal - year-round tourism.

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HTZ and MINTS encourage the formal association of small, local TZs, and it is TZSI that often stands out as an example of good practice. "TZSI covers the area of ​​one fifth of Istria. Cooperation and communication with all our LGUs takes place on a daily basis and we are all very operative and cooperative, and this is exactly the key to the success and growth of TZSI in the last few years".

As we emphasize in TZSI, we all work together to improve our own local communities, but also the entire destination, and we complement each other very well and cooperate, which is evident from the year after year TZSI's improving results. You can find all other news, information about projects and events in the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria on the TZSI website, Facebook, Instagram.

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Photo and source: Tourist Board of Central Istria


9. April 2024.