The famous Vodice hotel Olympia Sky is celebrating its fourth birthday today

Exactly four years ago 07.07.2017. the luxury hotel Olympia Sky has opened its doors. For our tourism, 2019 was definitely the best year, and then followed a pandemic that ...

Exactly four years ago 07.07.2017. it's your door opened the luxury hotel Olympia Sky.

For our tourism, 2019 was definitely the best year, followed by a pandemic that hit all tourism-related activities the most economically. Complete closure, measures, new protocols, a whole new dimension of tourism and

As we know in any crisis, whatever it is, the worst option is to wait and react slowly to all changes. In a brief conversation with the director of the Olympia Sky Hotel Darko Bastić we could conclude that they did not grab each other by the head and wait - but adapted to the new situation.

"It is the numbers that prove the same. With the Olympia Health and Safety Protocol, increased marketing advertising, activation of all channels on the Croatian market in the pre-season, user friendly booking engine, and strong marketing activities towards car destinations have contributed to the fact that today, on the 4th birthday of our hotel from 2019, which was top-notch ”, Bastić points out.

Thus, Hotel Olympia Sky realized as many as 85% of overnight stays compared to 2019. In addition to positive reviews, the hotel also increased by 120% in the segment of overnight stays of individuals.

/ / / Definition of tourism by Darko Bastić, director of the Olympia and Olympia Sky hotel complexes

In just four years, the design hotel Olympia Sky has become one of the most famous hotels on the Adriatic coast. The construction of a hotel of unique architecture that looks like a luxury cruiser has been going on since 2015, and the investment of 25 million euros has significantly changed the tourist image of the entire Šibenik region. Olympia Sky has 150 accommodation units, of which 18 apartments and is categorized with 4+ stars, but the size of the apartments goes up to 100 square meters, and six of them on beautiful and spacious terraces have jacuzzis, while three rooms are adapted for people with disabilities.

A special attraction is the a la carte restaurant Olympia Sky on the 10th floor of the hotel with an amazing panoramic view of the islands, Vodice and the hinterland, as well as the heated and indoor pool on the ninth floor.

There is also a special connection and story around the olive grove and the Olympia Hotel.

Where we eat, where we spend time, where we shop - all this makes our hotel home“Is the message of the hotel complex Olympia and Olympia Sky from Vodice to which they promote their business mission through cooperation with local family farmers and small fishermen

Namely, in previous years they planted over 1.000 olive trees, which today are thanks to their fruits and excellent olive oil, which is used not only for tourist stories as picking olives with its guests, but also in restaurants. Also, all the food that guests taste at the aa la carte restaurant Sky comes from local growers and fishermen. Which is the point of tourism, to use local resources, not to encourage imports.

Photo: Hotel Olympia Sky

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