Bots & Pots, the first robotic restaurant, did not fail. Due to the renovation of the hotel, they are looking for a new location

Although the news appeared in the media that the world's first bots&Pots robot restaurant chain from Zagreb failed and closed its doors, in the conversation...

Author  Goran Rihelj

22. July 2023.

Although the news appeared in the media that the world's first bots&Pots robot restaurant chain from Zagreb failed and closed its doors, in a conversation with Hrvoje Bujas, one of the three founders of Bots&Pots, we learn that the robotic restaurant project did not fail. 

According to Bujas, due to the renovation of the hotel where the Bots&Pots restaurant is located, they decided to change the location, not to close the restaurant and concept. 

"Considering that the Jadran hotel, which included the Bots&Pots restaurant, is undergoing renovations and has been closed since the beginning of July, we have also moved out of the premises, and are in the process of looking for another location, as well as talking to interested hoteliers. Whether each project succeeds spectacularly - no, whether we failed - not even close. There are still many challenges ahead of us and we have only just begun, a partially automated kitchen is the future in every respect in many segments." says Bujas.

And I definitely agree with Bujas here. This is especially clear today when we know the challenges surrounding the workforce in tourism.

the founders of Bots&Pots have technology, organized business processes, and now a test period of restaurant operation of more than a year - which is a lot of capital. And let's not forget, this is a Croatian innovative business concept and patent. I personally believe that it is only a matter of time before the first Bots&Bots franchise opens somewhere outside of Croatia. If not Bots&Pots, then some other robotic and semi-automatic restaurant that will soon start to dominate globally. 

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By the way, it is a global innovation of GammaChef and a gastronomic concept called Bots&Pots, or more simply - the world's first robot restaurant Bots & Pots (robots and pots) which was opened last year in April in Zagreb.

Each robot has compartments for food, spices and liquids - oil, water, wine... and is programmed for each recipe. Food is prepared, put into each compartment according to the recipe, and the robot is programmed exactly what, how much and when goes into the pot. As the recipes are defaults, like any default action, the dish will turn out the same every time, exactly as the recipe was written. All dishes are programmed to be ready in 15 minutes, they currently have over 60 dishes ready.

Photo: Bots & Pots

Author  Goran Rihelj

22. July 2023.