The first navigable cinema in Croatia: In Vukovar, from this weekend, movies while sailing on the Danube

An interesting cinema project on the Danube starts this weekend in Vukovar. This is the first navigation cinema in Croatia called "Navigation cinema - Sail - In cinema on ...

An interesting cinema project on the Danube starts this weekend in Vukovar. This is the first navigable cinema in Croatia called "Navigation Cinema - Sail - In cinema on Danube" launched by the Vukovar travel agency Danubiumtours. Such a simple and original idea, and a completely new tourist product on the map of Vukovar that could attract tourists from all over the region.

Since the cinema screen is installed on the electric solar passenger ship Magenta 1 in Vukovar, the necessary silence during film screenings is ensured because such a ship practically does not produce any sound since it is powered by electricity.

„Severy Friday and Saturday, starting at 21 pm, film screenings will be shown on our tourist boat. On Fridays it will be documentaries, and on Saturdays feature films. On Friday we will start with the documentary "Beatles" while on Saturday we will show the feature film "Parasite" which won an Oscar, said boat owner Zrinka Sesto.  

This is an innovative project, and the interest in cinema screenings is great. The idea arose during the Vukovar Film Festival when documentaries were shown on this recognizable Vukovar tourist ship. The special atmosphere of swimming with movies, popcorn and everything that goes with the cinema will attract visitors from all over Croatia to the city on the Danube.

"I am sure that not only the people of Vukovar but also the citizens from the surrounding area, the whole of Croatia, but also the tourists who visit Vukovar during the year will enjoy our sailing cinema. Depending on the interest, the navigation cinema will be able to be rented, we leave the possibility for groups to rent a boat and watch a movie of their choice as part of various gatherings and celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and the like, " concludes the Sixth.

With this content, Vukovar gets another top tourist product, which is also unique and the first in Croatia, if not in this part of Europe.

Agencies, you have another great content that you can offer to the market - the first cinema on the beautiful blue Danube.

Continental tourism, especially here in the Far East, needs such ideas and initiatives because they are the ones that can start the dormant ship of Slavonian tourism. Vukovar offers more and more content, and more and more private renters are slowly emerging, and it seems that in the easternmost county, the city on the Danube will be the first to move bolder forward in the development of tourism.

There is a lot of potential in the East, but unfortunately decision makers do not recognize tourism in Slavonia as a branch in which they should seriously invest. It is tourism to impoverished Slavonia that could be the straw of salvation.

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