Gastro show showed the direction in which the gastronomic story of Slavonia should develop

Šokački stan in Vinkovci hosted a Gastro show, which was organized in the PannEx Reload project as part of the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program H...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

29. September 2023.

Šokački stan in Vinkovci hosted a Gastro show, which was organized in the PannEx Reload project as part of the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020.

Conference, September 27, 2023.

The program was opened with a conference that included lectures and a panel discussion. They discussed connecting local stakeholders in tourism, short supply chains in tourism, and autochthonous dishes prepared in a modern way.

"The wish was to introduce people to some new trends through the project and give them an incentive, so that they can learn something at Šokački Stan. I think there is huge potential. We have children in Vinkovci who receive an excellent education, we have award-winning chefs and waiters..., and there are people here who will certainly have a lot to say and say in which direction we should go", he said in his acceptance speech Ivan Bosančić, mayor of Vinkovci.


Ivan Bosnian

The PannEx Reload project is a continuation of the Pannonia Gourmet project, in which the Šokački apartment was renovated, the Gourmet Academy was held, the Gourmet Center was established and the Eat Pannonia partnership was established, bringing together various producers of local products and service providers.

"With this new project, we want to capitalize on the achieved results, attract tourists and increase the number of visits in the cross-border area, and provide our partners with more tools for their advertising, exposure, presentation of their products and, ultimately, the sale of their products.", she said Marina Hodak Domaćinović, project manager and Deputy Director for Regional Development and Cross-Border Cooperation of the Agency for Development and Investments of the City of Vinkovci - VIA Vinkovci.

Marina hodak domacinovic

The professional part of the conference began with a lecture tourism consultant Goran Rihelj who emphasized the great the importance of short supply chains in tourism.

"In the entire supply chain, from hotels to restaurants, cafes... we have to sell our domestic products. Of course, you can also offer premium foreign drinks, which you must have because of standards and globalization, but in Vinkovci, for example, you have to offer the guest the domestic craft beer Valens and explain to the guest why that beer is specific", emphasized Rihelj and added that it is necessary to connect chains in tourism primarily through agriculture, and for that, clusters are needed that have proven to be successful as a market model all over the world.

Goran Rihelj

Chef Tomica Đukić he spoke about the importance of interpreting Slavonian gastronomy in a modern and traditional way, and he began his presentation by asking the audience: What is Slavonian cuisine?

"I was doing research, so we went around the villages. It was a heavy kitchen, so they had a good breakfast and went to work. It is precisely that part that we need to develop. We have a handful of foodstuffs in Slavonia and Baranja and the entire interior of Croatia. We came to the conclusion that we must use what it's offered to us, God-given, and don't avoid it and put it aside. We need to use indigenous foods and preserve those flavors with modern techniques. Food is a moment that surely holds you, especially if you have an indigenous food. Now the trend is the black Slavonian pig, which connects green and blue Croatia. I think we have to promote all that is autochthonous, work on quality, work on excellence, and in time everything will come into its own.", Đukić emphasized in his presentation.

Chef Tomica Dukic

Interesting lectures were followed by a panel discussion on the topic "How to connect local stakeholders in tourism". Mirjana Jakšić from the Vinkovci Vocational High School, Zdenka Prgomet from the Vinkovci Oil Factory, Monika Živković from the Marija Ilok Cellar, Velimir Babić from the Abelo Distillery, chef Tomica Đukić and Željko Cirba from the Agro-cluster of the Vukovar-Srijem County participated in the panel.


Gastro show, September 28, 2023.

The second day of the Gastro Show passed in a much more relaxed atmosphere. Numerous people from Vinkovci and their guests flocked to the Šokačka apartment to try first-hand autochthonous and traditional specialties prepared in a modern way. The main role was played by chef Tomica Đukić, who, with the help of the Šokački stan team, prepared a three-course dinner.

"It is common knowledge that I am a lover of all that is homemade. Tonight we have duck, black pig and carob cake, but we prepared it in our own way", Chef Đukić briefly announced the evening of smells and tastes.

The foods are of course carefully selected, so they are for appetizer smoked barrique duck breast served with vinous beets, pears in white wine and couscous vinaigrette. Along with this dish, according to the choice of Podruma Marija from Ilok, Šokica Frankovka wine was served.

02 appetizer

It followed main course - sous vide black pork loin, with red wine sauce, tomato cream, pumpkin cream, caramel carrot with pecans and spicy potato cake. The main course was served with dry podruma Marija.

04 main course

AND... dessert at the end - carob/amber cake with coffee cream and hibiscus gel poured with the late harvest of Podruma Marija graševina.

06 desert

But before the start of the dinner, the host of the program Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish, with the help of the special guest of the evening Paul Bradbury, introduced the gathered guests to the partners of the project who exhibited their products as part of the Gastro fair "PannEx Reload". Thus, at the stands set up at the entrance to Šokački stan, the following were presented: Vigus with its cakes, Mederija Ferbežar with mead, Vinkovci oil factory with Sunce Vinkovaca oil, Abelo distillery with its premium alcoholic beverages, then Valentinijan with its Valens and Vinkovački beer, and Podrum Marija from Ilok with wines served with each course of food.

Gastro fair

The guests of Šokački stan, in addition to chef Đukić's specialties, could also enjoy a tasting of all the products exhibited at the Fair, and the whole program was additionally spiced up by the Tambura band Đeram.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

29. September 2023.