Green line: from the Split waterfront towards Dalmatinska zagora

On the initiative of the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, and with the support of the tourism sector, the "Green Line" started for the first time


11. April 2023.

These days, on the initiative of the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, and with the support of the tourism sector, the "Green Line" started for the first time.

The tourist bus line departs every day until November at 12 o'clock from the Split waterfront towards Dalmatinska zagora. The first stopping point is Dugopolje, the Visitor Center, which will also be the starting point for excursions around the Dalmatian Zagora. 

The visitor center "Hidden Dalmacija" in Dugopolje will greatly contribute to the dispersion of tourism in Dalmatian Zagora. It is an educational, multimedia and interpretation center with the addition of educational trails and schools in nature. 

"With us, visitors will be able to get all the information about the destination, after which it will be easier to decide what they want to see in this area. The 'Dalmatinska zagora - Split hinterland' cluster will also contribute to this, which will have its own space here. There will also be informative center where travel agencies will be able to advertise with all their offers from gastronomy to adventure to religious and historical tours", explains the head of the Visitor Center, Marko Antonije Bitanga.

After the Visitor Center, the "Green Line" continues through Klis and the ethno-agro park Stella Croatica and returns to the ancient Salona.

"It is crucial that by offering new original content, we bring guests to the gates of the Cetinje krajina and give the opportunity to travel agencies to host guests there, be it bicycles, quad bikes or vans, and to take them for five to six hours to see Dalmatian Zagora Guests will thus have the opportunity to learn about the comparative advantages of the Zagorje part of our county, which offers a number of opportunities to enrich their stay, especially in the preseason and postseason." he says Ivana Vladović, director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board.

New project 18

Although it has only just started operating, the line has already recorded excellent daily occupancy since the beginning of April, and the price of such an excursion is 20 euros, while a promotional 10 euros should be set aside for a tour of the three museums on the route of the line, which will certainly be an incentive for visitors to get to know each other more closely. natural, historical and cultural attributes of Dalmatian Zagora.

An excellent tourist quarter for the Split-Dalmatia County

According to eVisitor data, the Split-Dalmatia County has had an excellent touristic first quarter of this year, in which as many as 31% more guest arrivals and 15% more overnight stays were recorded. Split-Dalmatia County was visited by more than 95 guests in commercial accommodation, and almost 300 overnight stays were achieved. The number of arrivals in the first three months in the Split-Dalmatia County are in first place by citizens of BiH, followed by Germans, French and guests from Great Britain. The biggest increase in arrivals in the first three months of this year in Central Dalmatia was made by Swiss and Swedes.

In March, Split-Dalmatia County was visited by 52 guests who spent 140 overnight stays, most of whom were Germans, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, French and British. Such tourist traffic recorded a growth of 48% in arrivals and 16% in overnight stays in the county. The absolute champion of popularity in this place was the city of Split, which was visited by half of all guests who arrived in the county, so Split achieved an increase in guest arrivals in March of as much as 51% compared to March last year. In terms of attendance, it is followed by Makarska, Brela, Podstrana and Trogir.

"Extremely appreciative of the choice of our pre-season guests to spend their first vacation of the year in Central Dalmatia, our hosts made an effort to design a series of events. We have days ahead of us that will largely determine the course of the season and show how ready we are to receive pre-season guests who will pass on a good word about us", concluded Vladović.


11. April 2023.