The heads of state and government agreed to introduce the so-called Covid passports

The extraordinary EU summit, held via video conference, focused on issues such as how to speed up vaccination, travel restrictions and vaccination certificates. Vaccination campaign in the European Union against ...

The extraordinary EU summit, held via video conference, focused on issues such as how to speed up vaccination, travel restrictions and vaccination certificates. 

The European Union's coronavirus vaccination campaign should be stepped up. In cooperation with the main vaccine manufacturers, production capacities should be expanded, he said German wave.

The heads of state and government agreed to introduce the so-called COVID passports

In principle, EU heads of government have decided to create a single health passport, ie a pass, which would allow vaccinated people certain freedoms such as travel or participation in conferences and cultural events.

A "political decision" on what exactly can be done with the vaccination certificate has not yet been made, Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference in Berlin, stressing whether such an electronic certificate or COVID vaccination passport should be available before the summer. rest. According to Merkel, only the production of national COVID passports, which should then be merged into a joint EU health passport, will take three months. The question is why are “health Covid passports” needed at all, when everything can be digitized? As in the example Travel pass application, developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

"But that doesn’t mean that only vaccinated people are allowed to travel in the end", Chancellor Merkel made it known.

In addition to his colleagues from Greece, Cyprus and Spain, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also advocated for a medical passport. Before the conference, Kurz said that a "green passport" would be suitable for people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the crown, as well as to provide a "piece of freedom" but also a "regulated European path to normalcy."

Cross-border traffic within the EU could also run smoothly. However, tests on COVID could be required when entering an EU member state. It is in principle left to the Member States to decide how they wish to use health passports containing vaccination certificates in the future. “The COVID passport is politically neutral", Said the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

Greece strongly supports the idea of ​​the so-called "Covid-passports", which could guarantee tourists free entry into the country. And such tourists could be vaccinated Israeli and British citizens. Spain, Portugal and Italy think similarly. So far, despite intense discussions, EU countries have not been able to agree on a single European covid passport or vaccination certificate. Some countries still have “ethical and data protection concerns, while others again want to wait for new scientific studies on the effect of vaccination.


Manfred Weber criticized EU member states for acting too slowly. Tens of thousands of Europeans receive the vaccine every day, Weber said, adding that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare for travelers to issue health "covid passports."

The International Airlines Association (IATA) is working faster than the EU and is showing direction on how to standardize the entire process of electronic records of vaccinations and Covid tests19. So Air New Zealand, in collaboration with IATA, is introducing a digital health certificate, and IATA has long pointed out that the focus must remain on rapid testing of passengers so that quarantine can be eliminated and borders opened safely.

That the EU is late, they emphasized yesterday from European tourism sector, and made recommendations for reviving tourism. More than 60 public and private tourism and travel organizations have made concrete recommendations for revitalizing travel and tourism in Europe. 

An improved and effective European one is urgently needed coordination of travel restrictions and requirements to facilitate the relaunch of travel and tourism, which accounts for 9,5% of the European Union's GDP, and to provide security for travelers, travel and tourism companies and their workers, said tourism entities gathered through the European Tourism Manifesto.

Although the concrete debate on covid passports has just opened in the EU, the whole story is still developing very slowly, as the market slowly wakes up and reservations begin. The EU is still in no way to speed up decision-making, whatever it is, while the entire tourism sector is waiting for all protocols to be standardized within the EU.

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