The largest Museum of Illusions in Europe is located in Copenhagen and offers completely new exhibits - created in Croatia!

Europe's largest private Museum of Illusions opened.


12. April 2024.

After the opening in Las Vegas, the expansion of the corporate Museum of Illusion network continues with the opening in the Danish capital. It is the largest European private Museum of Illusions, where visitors will be able to view some completely new exhibits, which for all museums are created in Croatia.

The expansion of the worldwide network of the Museum of Illusions continues to grow unstoppably - this is how it has opened in Copenhagen so far the largest European Museum of Illusions.

This originally Croatian concept conceived on the idea of ​​the founders and owners of the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb, Tomislav Pamuković and Rok Živković, will surely become an unavoidable attraction for local residents and tourists of all ages in the Danish capital. 

In the most popular street of Copenhagen

The globally recognized combination of the fascinating world of entertainment and education with a Croatian signature is located in the most popular street Strøget in the very center of Copenhagen.

The aforementioned Museum of Illusions is managed by the Croatian company Metamorfoza, which in its portfolio boasts over 50 Museums of Illusions open in the world.

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Newly opened in Copenhagen extends to 1200 square feet and provides its visitors with more than 70 exciting and very attractive exhibits, some of which have their world premiere in Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen Museum of Illusions

Never seen exhibits and illusions

Visitors will have the opportunity to stimulate their imagination and activate their senses through completely new illusions that have links with the site, or rather pay tribute Danish culture and history.

Climbing the historic Copenhagen facade, visiting the completely new concept of a special Danish hot dog stand are now possible, but only in the newly opened Museum of Illusions in Copenhagen, where visitors will feel the presence of the Danish author in a special way. Hans Christian Andersen

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Also, the Vortex Dome, which plays with the dynamics of movement, as well as the Shade Illusion, which plays with shadows, will have a grand premiere among the exhibits.

Visitors to the Museum of Illusions in Copenhagen will certainly not be deprived of the beloved and very popular illusions such as the Walk-in-Kaleidoscope and the so-called infinite room. The museum is also accompanied by another great innovation, the possibility of visiting the largest museum shop with a new concept and the largest assortment.

It is a unique opportunity for all visitors to the Museum in Copenhagen to take home a piece of the incredible experience in a mini edition of illusions as a souvenir. 

Copenhagen Museum of Illusions

Expansion of the network of corporate Museums of Illusions

"Learning through fun is our premise, and with another opening we have confirmed that it is well received in the world. We worked hard and for a long time on this project. The opening of the Museum of Illusions in Copenhagen enables visitors to another European metropolis to get to know the original Croatian concept through fascinating exhibits and experience an unforgettable experience. We continue with our expansion, but with a special focus on corporate, private Illusion Museums like the one just opened in Copenhagen. We currently manage a total of six of them according to this model - Charlotte, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver and New York. The largest corporate Museum of Illusions in the world is the one opened this summer in Las Vegas, and the European one is now in Copenhagen" he stated Theo Širola, the director of Metamorfoza, a Croatian company based in Zagreb that owns the franchise and manages the global network of the Museum of Illusions and stands behind the brand throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. 

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Many public figures and famous local faces had the opportunity to enjoy the impressive illusions and premiere exhibits last night in Copenhagen at the official opening, visit all the museum rooms, experience specific scenographic elements that have been carefully designed to endlessly deceive the mind, but also become an attractive backdrop worth sharing on social networks. 

The Museum of Illusions can boast of the fact that it is the largest chain of private museums in the world with over 50 locations, in 25 countries of the world and 10 million visitors, whose illusions and exhibits are created in Croatia by the development and research team in Oroslavje.

This globally successful and fast-growing project does not plan to stop at these numbers. Considering the current invasion of the USA, the Metamorfoza team is soon planning to open an extension to its Zagreb office there for easier museum management.

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Photo: Simon Bang


12. April 2024.