The main driving force always lies in people: the 2024 "Rose of Zagreb County" award.

In the surroundings of the Visitor Center in Velika Gorica, the "Rose of Zagreb County" awards ceremony was held, organized by the Tourist Board...


25. May 2024.

In the surroundings of the Visitor Center in Velika Gorica, the "Rose of Zagreb County" awards ceremony was held, organized by the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

The Rose of Zagreb County, now a traditional event, awarded awards in six categories, with special emphasis on special awards. This prestigious event brought together a number of distinguished guests, celebrating the growth and success of a tourist destination that recorded a significant increase in the number of overnight stays. As many as 18 deserving laureates were awarded within this year's award.

Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović, she pointed out that these awards symbolize their dedication to excellence and innovation in tourism, placing the sustainability segment among the key criteria.

"Each of the awarded stakeholders made an exceptional contribution to the development and promotion of Zagreb County as a top tourist destination. Their dedication and effort are an inspiration to all of us and show how working together can result in extraordinary achievements. I am proud of all the winners and all those who, with their work and enthusiasm, continuously raise the standards of our tourist offerAlilović pointed out.

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They won awards in the category of sustainable tourism Cantilly Garden Restaurant, recognized for its ecologically conscious offer, and Vina Bedekovich, which continuously promotes sustainable viticulture practices. They were awarded in the category of innovative products and services Santa Domenica Trifecta Weekend 2023, the first Spartan race in Croatia, which attracted many lovers of adventure tourism, and HoTur service trade, which improves the tourist offer with its innovative approach.

The Ivančić family, the owners of the Ivančić Restaurant and the event "Struklijada, strudlijada i kestenijada" took home awards in the category of eno-gastro tourism thanks to their exceptional gastronomic offers that promote local specialties. In the category of accommodation facilities, they received awards Villa Cesarica, recognized for its luxurious and authentic accommodation, and Feel Good, a facility that ensures an unforgettable stay for its guests with its services and comfort. Samobor catering legends Mirko Šintić and Matilda Mihalea Purić they showed the tradition and quality of Samobor as a tourist destination. They won awards for socially responsible entrepreneurship Naftalan cosmetics - Ivalan Terme doo i Croatian mail.

Special award for contribution to the development of continental tourism and the development of tourism in the direction of sustainability,  it was awarded to the until recently Minister of Tourism and Sports Dr. sc. Nikolina Brnjac, who also attended the event, said:

"We are aware that there is no year-round tourism without the development of continental tourism. Continental tourism has a lot to offer and contribute to the overall sustainable tourism of the Republic of Croatia, and that is exactly why we focused a lot of attention and significant resources during my mandate on investments in the continental part of Croatia. Our continental part is just as important as our coast, and it often offers peace, which is increasingly the main motive when choosing a vacation destination. This is exactly what the Zagreb County offers. Congratulations to all the other award winnersBrnjac stated.

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To the equestrian club Trajbar Team a special award was given for contribution to active tourism, Pub Cubismo for a unique catering concept, Mon Ami for excellent service and innovation, and "Green silence villa" to promote sustainable tourism and preserve the environment as well as Ivan Belošević, owners of Cipov Bakery from Buševac.

This year, a new and innovative tourist installation was presented in the Park of the Noble Municipality of Turopolj, which emphasizes the importance of protecting natural resources and preserving traditions. The installation includes lighting and arrangement of trees, providing a unique experience to visitors, further enriching this space. The installation was created by the designer Tina Miličević, with whom she also collaborated on the new souvenir of the Zagreb County Tourist Board - earrings and a brooch created using traditional weaving techniques. 

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County continues this important initiative that contributes to the promotion and development of tourism in Zagreb County, because as director Alilović says,the main driving force always lies in people. "

Photo: Zagreb County Tourist Board


25. May 2024.