The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has started checking compliance with the protocol within the Safe stay in Croatia project

Within the project Safe stay in Croatia, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is in cooperation with members of the Council for the Recovery and Development of Tourism, the realization of the tourist year 2021 and the improvement of tourism ...

Within the project Safe stay in Croatia, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in cooperation with members of the Council for Recovery and Development of Tourism, realization of the tourist year 2021 and improvement of the tourist offer, representatives of professional associations and the Croatian Institute of Public Health developed protocols for safe stay in Croatia in seven categories (accommodation; catering ; nautical; tourist guides, agencies and information centers; attractions; sports, recreation and health; traffic / transport). 

In order to ensure the proper application and implementation of the protocol within the project, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in April began inspections of facilities that bear the label "Safe stay in Croatia".

All segments of the prescribed protocols are checked, from the correct wearing of masks to temperature measurement, restrictions on the number of people indoors and regular disinfection of common rooms and rooms for accommodation in commercial facilities. In accordance with the conditions stated on the website, the Ministry will, in case of irregularities in the implementation of the protocol, confiscate the assigned marks.

The safety and health of visitors and all employees in tourism come first. The project Safe stay in Croatia, which aims to encourage tourism stakeholders to adhere to the highest standards, contributes to improving the epidemiological picture and the perception of Croatia as a safe destination.

"We invite all stakeholders in tourism to contribute to the quality of the label through their responsible behavior Safe stay in Croatia. By respecting the measures, we together ensure a favorable epidemiological situation and a framework for safe travel and stay in Croatia", The Ministry states.

As for control, there are three levels of control whether the rules set by the protocol are followed. 

The first control is by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports which will work ad hoch controls, such as the mentioned action, the second is the control of professional associations, and the third will be according to applications of the guests themselves via a website, if something is not by default standards.

Thus, guests will see via the QR code in each facility where they are what the protocols are, what the standards are, if everyone adheres to the same. Also, directly through the website will be able to send mail, your comment, which goes directly to the Ministry, and in that case, if the comment is negative in the context that the object does not adhere to the specified protocols, the object will not receive or revoked.


Download safety labels - Safe stay in Croatia

In the wasteland of the internet, the question has been asked does any accommodation that does not have the said label mean that the same is epidemiologically unsafe? That! Of course not a priori, and vice versa. We always have that human factor, but it is a matter of primary responsibility and it is pointless to discuss it at all from today’s perspective.

In the perception of the guest, if someone does not have a label, it means that he has not passed the set epidemiological standards, and therefore it means that he is less safe. Also, as I mentioned, there will be controls, but more importantly, guests will be able to report accommodation or facility that does not adhere to the protocol. 

If you are engaged in tourism, you simply have to have the mentioned sticker. Without any discussion, because that means sticking to default epidemiological protocols and safety. If we want to deal with tourism then it is imperative that everyone in tourism take the label Safe stay in Croatia.

To date, over 12.000 tourist entities have applied for the Safe Stay in Croatia safety label.

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