The most successful Slavonian entrepreneurs gathered at the Common Business Forum

In the interesting space of the Museum of Vučedol Culture in Vukovar, a Business Forum was held within the project INTERREG - Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020./ COMMON - Development of the business environment through ...

It was held in an interesting space of the Museum of Vučedol Culture in Vukovar Business forum within the project INTERREG - Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020./ COMMON - Development of the business environment through the education of the labor force in accordance with the market needs (Development of the business environment through the education of the labor force in accordance with the needs of the market).

After the introductory greetings of the project partners, Nikola Drmić from the Studium School and Vedrana Žilić, director of the Vukovar Development Agency, the introductory lectures were given by Goran Rihelj owner and editor of the most widely read Croatian professional tourist portal and a consultant in tourism, and Goran Dragas, owner of InfraSound Trailer Music.

An interesting story of two entrepreneurs intrigued those present. Goran from Vinkovci launched two tourist portals which is the most influential B2B tourist portal in the region and the lifestyle portal Turisticke price which publishes news and tourist stories in as many as 15 languages ​​on a daily basis and is read not only in Croatia but also in major Croatian broadcast markets such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, but also in the Scandinavian countries and in Russia and China. Rihelj pointed out that the great potential of Slavonia is precisely in tourism and that educational institutions should be better connected with the needs of entrepreneurs, ie the labor market should be adjusted to market requirements.

An interesting story comes from Vukovar, where another lecturer at today's conference, Goran Dragaš, opened one of the most modern music studios who does forespans for the biggest Hollywood movies. This Vukovar man, although he can live and work anywhere in the world and the great Los Angeles awaits him, has no intention of moving from his hometown and wants Vukovar to become a center of music production and art. Dragash is too in search of educated employees who know music production, but also administrators, and he wants them to be people from the environment.

After the introductory lectures and these examples of good practice, an interesting panel discussion was held with the participation of representatives of the most successful entrepreneurial companies in Slavonia - Maja Kokolari from Inchoo, Dino Dragun from Hidrocibalae, Mirko Zeljko from Nexus, Krešimir Herceg organizer of VukovART and Josip Rac from the company R solutions and This panel confirmed the justification of the project because all entrepreneurs are struggling with a lack of professional staff and want to hire people from the region in which they operate.

Interesting entrepreneurial stories were told by panel participants whose entrepreneurial ideas have resulted in great success in the global market. These companies practically have permanently open job vacancies, but they do not have the staff they need in the labor market. At the same time, due to lack of work, he emigrated en masse from Slavonia. Panelists agreed that education is needed for special skills that are lacking in the labor market in order to keep young people in Slavonia and entrepreneurs to get employees in the regions in which they operate. Some were more fortunate and found employees within educational institutions in the county itself, but for example no one can find designers and developers. It also concluded that job seekers should invest in their education for the skills that are most in demand.

A video of the entire forum is available on the Youtube channel:

After a panel discussion at which it was concluded that there is a chronic lack of entrepreneurial events in Slavonia, the participants continued to socialize with B2B networking and a reception, and they are interested in having the opportunity to visit the Museum of Vučedol Culture with expert guidance.

Otherwise, the goal of this project is to influence the reduction of the problem of emigration and loss of labor in the region by solving the perceived problem of insufficient skills and specific knowledge of workers.

The project is based on the cooperation of stakeholders in the labor market, ie business entities, educational service providers and workers (both employed and unemployed persons) and their mutual coordination in the development of knowledge and skills of workers according to the real needs of the labor market.

The project will explore the problems of the regional cross-border market related to education and training of the workforce, developed education programs, and based on these results VURA will create a platform for information exchange as a model of improving the labor market in the region. The platform will serve to disseminate information on education opportunities, employers' needs for knowledge and workers, and mutual communication of all stakeholders in the region. The key target group is the permanently unemployed, as well as young unemployed people who do not meet market demand with their current acquired competencies.

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