The new electronic highway toll system will be introduced from 2026

The consortium of bidders SkyToll as from Bratislava and TollNet as from Prague have been selected as contractors of the new toll collection system, they announced today and...


February 2, 2024.

The consortium of bidders SkyToll a.s. from Bratislava and TollNet a.s. from Prague have been selected as contractors for the new toll collection system, Hrvatske Autokesje announced today after a public tender.

As we already know, Croatia officially plans to remove toll booths and replace them with new ones electronic billing system

Although it was expected that the new system would first be in operation at the beginning of 2024, and then during 2025, HAC states that the deadline for completing this project is 24 months from the conclusion of the contract, which means that in 2026 drive on the highway without stopping at toll booths. 

The new, digitized toll collection system will allow users to drive without stopping at toll stations. This will significantly increase throughput and reduce harmful emissions caused by stoppages because while manual toll collection has a capacity of about 300 vehicles per hour, the new system enables the passage of up to 3000 vehicles.

The new system will be based on a combination of two modern and proven technologies: charging through an improved version of the ENC device installed in the vehicle (DSRC) - a new "ENC" device will be needed, and an automatic license plate reading system (ALPR), which belong to proven technologies applied in the EU.

Drivers will be able to choose whether they will have a transponder in their car (DSRC) that will register their entry and exit from the highway using wireless technology, or whether they will pay the toll with the registration reading system (ALPR), which is primarily intended for foreigners, so that they do not have to buy transponders at arrival in Croatia (85% of all tourists in Croatia come by road).

It is also important to emphasize that the new toll collection system will be introduced on all highways in the Republic of Croatia (highways under the management of Croatian highways, Bina Istra and Zagreb-Macelj highways). Crucially, the new charging system is based on the free flow of vehicles, which means no stops at toll booths.

Photo: HAK


February 2, 2024.