News of the year: Rentlio ceded its technology to vocational schools. Foundations for a brighter future of our tourism

Digitization of the tourism industry through the education system.

Author  Goran Rihelj

5. June 2024.

Generations of young hoteliers will be educated on the most modern cloud technology thanks to the domestic travel tech company - Rentlio. 

If that is not one of the news of the year for our tourism, then I don't know what is. It is about the foundations for a brighter future of our tourism, because as we know, everything starts with education and quality (real) practice. 

"People are the key to success in tourism" - a slogan that has unfortunately lost its significance today. Such a powerful and true statement, life and business statement. Especially in the tourism industry where service is the beginning and the end. For some it's just empty statements, and for some it's business wisdom. 

But the question is: Where has the man disappeared from the entire variable in our tourism? And why did he disappear?

I wonder when we got lost in our tourism development that we neglected the biggest capital - which is people. Employees who deliver the hotel brand, who are in direct contact with guests, the backbone that carries everything on their backs.

Regardless of all the frameworks, unfortunately, in the entire paradigm, everything broke precisely on the employees. A few years ago, we witnessed how the quality of service in our tourism has fallen terribly, it's no secret that our hotel reviews are worse than before. Everything is public, so we can't say it's just about the impression. We know the structural problems surrounding the lack of domestic labor in our tourism, as well as the importation of the same from distant Asian markets. Of course, this is not accidental, but only a consequence.

I hope we have learned our lessons and are on the road to recovery in our relationship with the workforce. The first step is education and professional experience.

This is the moment where we have to introduce pupils and students to tourism, hotel operations, teach them and above all motivate and interest them to stay in tourism and to stay in Croatia. That tourism is something positive, that tourism is an experience and that service plays a key role. That they are valued, that they are really educated and worked on their development, both personally and professionally. 

That is why we need a strong educational system, from professors to working conditions, so that the final result is at a high level of quality and performance. because a country that lives on tourism must also have a strong education system to create future personnel in tourism. 

And that's why the news that students will use the most modern cloud technology in their teaching and education to manage hotel operations is the news of the year. And what's more, it is a domestic company that makes its resources and knowledge available. There is no better combination and this is precisely the added value of tourism that we must strive for. 

Rentlio, the leading regional platform for managing accommodation units, has entered into a partnership agreement with The Agency for Vocational and Adult Education (ASOO) and thereby to all vocational schools in Croatia provided its management system hotel operations.

Worldskills croatia national competition and work in rentlio pro system

It is about the Rentlio Pro hotel system, and this collaboration aims to improve the educational system and the education of future hoteliers in the increasingly competitive labor market. 

Every year, Croatia lacks several tens of thousands of professional staff in tourism, and many companies rely on importing labor from other countries. Using the Rentlio Pro system already in vocational schools enables education and practical teaching on the most modern cloud technology, which replaces outdated hotel systems and completely transforms the way hotel operations are managed. 

From about a hundred schools in the sector "Tourism and catering", the system has been implemented by 40 of them so far, and interested schools can still request access. Interesting only 40 schools, at least in my view of education, trends and tourism and the context of the time. I sincerely hope that all schools will take advantage of this opportunity - to put it mildly. This should be a must in my opinion. 

In addition to implementation, Rentlio also offers free education of using their system for all schools and teachers. 

"We often talk about the lack of practical work in our education system. In the same way, discussions are often based on comments about the state of affairs and without concrete proposals on how to change that state of affairs. The partnership between Rentli and ASOO should serve as a guide for educational policy makers who manage the allocation of state resources to shape effective education strategies that meet the demands of the changing labor market. Through this project, we recognized the possibility to move away from the status quo and make a social contribution through what we do best - the digitalization of the tourism industry. By strengthening the very foundations on which we build our tourism, we participate in the creation of a more competitive, digitally literate and modern hospitality industry. Exactly as we at Rentli see it and for which we know Croatia is capable", she said Sanja Sudar, Business Development Manager at Rentli, and invited all vocational schools, which have not done so so far, to respond and implement their system for free in their curriculum. 


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With this cooperation, Rentlio became a partner of the national competition for high school students called WorldSkills Croatia which was attended by over 350 of the best students from more than 200 vocational schools.

The goal of this project was to enable secondary vocational schools to practice and work in the hotel operations management system before and during the WorldSkills regional and national competition. 

"Cooperation with Rentli is important for secondary vocational schools in the tourism and hospitality sector, as it provides the opportunity to develop competencies in the field of reception business. In this way, it is possible to raise the level of teaching quality in vocational schools, prepare students for competition in the discipline "Hotel reception management" and create realistic situations in which students can acquire the necessary competencies for the future labor market." she pointed out Monika Belle, senior expert advisor for tourism and catering at the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education.

Rentlio je travel-tech a company based in Zadar that develops technological solutions for the tourism sector, and in addition to Rentlio Pro, they also offer products developed for real estate management agencies (Rentlio Plus) and for private renters (Rentlio One), with active users in over 40 countries around the world.

With the breadth of the offer and the quality of technological solutions, as well as the number of active users, Rentlio has become a leader travel-tech a company in South-Eastern Europe whose products manage more than 14,000 accommodation units. 

An excellent example and a step forward by Rentlio. I hope we will have more examples like this from domestic companies, because a strong education system means a strong economy. 

Author  Goran Rihelj

5. June 2024.