Presented destination magazine Via Slavonija and Baranja: focus on the activities offered by the destination

Focus on guests who are no longer looking for accommodation services, but rather activities that are offered.

Author  Goran Rihelj

15. June 2024.

Yesterday he was in Osijek presented novi destination magazine Via Slavonia and Baranja, which was created in the production Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board i Osijek-Baranja County, in cooperation with local journalists, guides and tourist boards.

According to the words Ivana Jurić, director of TZ OBŽ, a new destination magazine intended to inform guests who came to the destination itself and they don't ask more accommodation service, but the activities that are offered.

According to examples from other countries and regions, easy-to-read, "seasonal" printed material has been prepared that can be found in the rooms so that the guest can be informed while resting and preparing for the tour of the destination.

"The intention is to interest guests who come for the first time on business and/or to visit one part of the destination to return with a different arrangement. Experience in the sector shows that customers still like paper editions as well." allegations Ivana Jurić, director of TZ OBŽ.

The first issue of the magazine is focused on the offer of the destination, while the following issues will include interviews with the creators of the offer.

It contains information about the offer with an emphasis on experiences, such as the offer of museums, visitor and reception centers, restaurants, active vacations, wineries and other providers, but also interesting information about the destination itself.

Via slavonia and baranja

Thus, in the magazine you can find articles about the top experiences offered by Osijek, Đakovo, Baranja or the Erdut Danube Trio, but also about the secrets of preparing a good fiš-paprikaš, purchasing the best brandy or kulen, and activities for the family during sunny and rainy days.

Two editions of the magazine per year - circulation of 20.000 copies

The plan is to issue numbers that cover the season from May to October te from November to April. The circulation in the Croatian language is 20.000 copies, and the production of the edition in the English language is also underway. 

The magazine is being distributed to larger accommodation facilities and tourist associations in the area of ​​Osijek-Baranja County, and all interested bidders can contact the tourist association in their area to get their copies. 

The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Ivana Rab Guljaš, a well-known journalist from Osijek, and the author of the design Marko Jovanovac from Symbol studio.

The county of Osijek-Baranja continuously records growth, which is reflected in the 9,50% increase in the number of overnight stays from the beginning of the year to the present, compared to the same period last year. 

Author  Goran Rihelj

15. June 2024.