The project Dalmatia storytelling destination goes further: presented tourist digital platform

Dalmatia storytelling destination


February 12, 2024.

The Split-Dalmatia County continues with the daily development and expansion of the phenomenal project - Dalmatia storytelling destination.

Dalmatia storytelling destination is a project of the Administrative Department for Tourism, Maritime Affairs and Transport of the Split-Dalmatia County, which aims to raise the quality of the cultural tourist offer by using the storytelling method in the presentation and interpretation of heritage.

This project aims to preserve and present the Dalmatian cultural heritage and contribute  year-round tourism of the Split-Dalmatia County. Through the project, new and commercially available ones were created tourist products, thematic interpretation walks i guided museum tours with revived heritage characters, and work is also being done to create a register of existing thematic experiences from the county. 

After education and certification of heritage interpreters for curators and tourist guides, filming promotional video stories, now is a web platform was also launched, for all lovers of thematic experiences and heritage stories, 

The concept of the site encourages the end user to explore Dalmatian stories through a commercially available offer through a search engine Find your story i Find your excursion. Also, visitors have the opportunity to publish their short travelogue about a heritage story they have discovered and thus join the project initiative. Become a story hunter. 

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Through the category Events and local news  tourist boards and other stakeholders in tourism and culture can share the news about the holding of manifestations and other events related to the preservation of traditions, folk customs and heritage stories. This is how it is created digital catalog of events which are closely related to heritage storytelling.  

The company Prospekt doo from Rijeka is responsible for the design and programming of the platform, and the basic inspiration for the design of the site is the project slogan, "one pebble, one story" and the importance of moving away from typical associations to  "sea and sun".

Along with the creation of a recognizable visual concept, the aim was also to create a site that is functional and contributes to a positive user experience, both for the end user-visitor and for numerous partners.  who independently enter their content into  platform base. 

Matea Dorčić, Head of the Board of Directors for Tourism, Maritime Affairs and Transport she pointed out ''DalmatiaStorytelling is a unique platform that brings together thematic experiences from the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County. About 40 of them are currently available in Croatian and English. With this platform, we move away from the concept of "sea and sun" and provide an insight into the offer of experiences that are commercially available "365" days a year. The whole concept of the Dalmacija storytelling project is sustainable, green and belongs to the category we call today "smart tourism", and this platform contributes to the strengthening of this type of tourism in our County and better visibility on the global tourist map.  

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The website is the result of entrepreneurial thinking within the framework of the public sector, which was recognized by various stakeholders who are part of this beautiful tourist story, she emphasized. Renata Tešija, project manager.

"I would like to thank all the tourist guides, museums, tourist boards, heritage stakeholders and entrepreneurs in tourism, who recognized the project and joined us in the DalmacijaStorytelling concept of defining the destination. We also hereby invite other providers of thematic experiences from the County to publish their offer as part of the platform and/or create a new offer. I believe that the platform will become a place where tourists and local residents will immerse themselves in the soul of Dalmatia by exploring the stories and customs of our ancestors through various forms of tourist offer.'' concluded Tešija. 

Find out more about the project at /// Pproject of the year: Split-Dalmatia County launched Dalmatia storytelling destination.



February 12, 2024.