The secret diary of the witch Mare delighted a large audience in the castle Morosini-Grimani in Svetvincenat

On Friday evening, July 09, 2021, the premiere of Night Ghost Stories: The Secret Diary of the Witch Mare Istra Inspirita was held in cooperation with Savičenta doo, Morosini-Grimani Castle. Performance in a powerful ...

On Friday night, July 09, 2021, the premiere was held Night Ghost Stories: The Secret Diary of the Witch Mare Istra Inspirita in cooperation with Savičenta doo, Morosini-Grimani Castle. 

The performance in the mighty Morosini-Grimani castle took the shublik back to the past, to the world of legends and stories and the occasional night visitor who hid in the Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvincenat. The mysterious atmosphere revived the castle walls and evoked the dark side of history and legends through the performance itself.

The director and actor of this new cultural and experiential product of Istra Inspirita is Frano Novljan (in the role of a court madman), while Dejan Gotal took part in the performance (executioner), Sedina Cerovac (witch Mare) and Matija Ljuba (nono-invisible rider). Visitors experienced the night tour of the castle in a completely different way, through sounds and audio elements and an acting performance, under the famous signature of Istra Inspirit.

The story of the herbalist Marija Rodoslović, who was sentenced to death, was the main driver of the whole story about the night tour in the castle. Before her death, she wrote down her knowledge of sorcery in a diary. The audience was guided by an invisible guide through an audio performance, while an invisible rider and bloodsuckers hid in the castle premises waiting their turn. In the courtyard of the castle, the audience was greeted by a court jester who woke Mare from sleep and encouraged her to rise from the ashes. The attractive fire show eventually boosted the overall impression.  

After the performance, visitors were able to enjoy bloody wine tasting thanks to Vinistra, which presented its wines. "We would like to thank Savičenta doo, Morosini-Grimani Castle, Marijan Jelinić for designing the sounds and creating the audio record, the students of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies and all those involved in the cooperation," states IRTA.

Interesting stories, legends and myths once again took over the castle on a night evening full of emotions, divided feelings and respect for such an impressive last that it has become one of the unavoidable places to visit in Istria.

Let us remind you that Istra Inspirit is a project of culturally experiential tourism which is implemented within the Istrian Development Tourist Agency - IRTA doo with the support of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County.

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