TZ Zagreb County presented a souvenir that combines tradition, modernity and sustainability

Sustainable added value for every guest of the Zagreb County.


24. May 2024.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County (TZZŽ) presented yesterday the cooperation with the fashion designer from Velika Gorica, Tina Miličević, which resulted in the creation of a new souvenirs which combines perfectly tradition i modernity. 

Tina Miličević, a talented 25-year-old designer from Velika Gorica, known for her unique ethnic creations, presented handmade earrings i brooches. These souvenirs exude traditional motifs and were created through a special crochet technique.

As part of the presentation, in the Park of the Noble Municipality of Turopolj,  in front of the Turopolje Museum there were specially decorated oak trees with the works of Tina Miličević. This installation in the space symbolizes the importance of preserving natural resources and cultural heritage that we want to pass on to future generations.

"Modernizing tradition and creating new, sustainable added value for each of our guests, while empowering women entrepreneurs of Zagreb County, is the goal of our latest project. Through this project, we want to emphasize the details that make the difference - in fashion it's jewelry, and in tourism it's a matter of sustainability," pointed out Ivana Alilović.

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Tina Miličević, winner of the first prize at the 2021 Ethno show, delighted the audience with her dedication to hand weaving and ethnic motifs.

"Since I was a child, I have been involved in folklore and studied folk costumes, which fascinated me with their diversity, so I set out within the family tradition to try out the very techniques of textile production, including hand weaving.  education  found at the school of applied art and design in Zagreb  myself in the whole story of textile creation and art, and I continued to build the area of ​​my interests in the direction of a fashion designer by enrolling in the Faculty of Textile Technology. There I showed that it is possible to apply all the "old-fashioned" textile production techniques such as weaving, crocheting, knitting, silk-screen printing, etc. Today, in my small studio, I try to create modern fashion accessories and clothes that nurture tradition and do not allow to forget what which we inherited from our grandmothers, so this jewelry collection was inspired by that  pills/tablets that used to be an indispensable part of the household." said Tina.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board is proud that every tourist will be able to take a piece of culture and tradition with them in the form of these wonderful souvenirs, preserving the memory of this region.


Interestingly, a new and innovative tourist installation was presented in the Park of the Noble Municipality of Turopolj, which emphasizes the importance of protecting natural resources and preserving traditions. The installation includes lighting and arrangement of trees, providing a unique experience to visitors, further enriching this space.

The installation was created by a designer Tina Milicevic with which the cooperation on the new souvenir of the Tourist Board of Zagreb County - earrings and a brooch created using traditional weaving techniques was realized.

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Photo: Josip Škof / Source: TZ Zagreb County
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Photo: Josip Škof / Source: TZ Zagreb County

Photo: TZ Zagreb County


24. May 2024.