Strategic partnership of domestic travel tech companies: Turneo and Rentlio announced a breakthrough in improving the guest experience

Author  Goran Rihelj

February 20, 2024.

There is no better news than the cooperation of two domestic tourism companies that created a new added value with their joint efforts. I keep saying that Croatia has globally competitive companies, which should have a base in our market and, thanks to the brand of our tourism, open foreign markets, i.e. exports. 

And that is why the cooperation between Turneo and Rentlio is certainly significant news for our tourism. This is the added value of tourism that we must strive for. 

Turneo, a leading provider of innovative hotel technology and Rentlio, the leading regional platform for the management of accommodation units (PMS and Channel Manager), announced a new partnership aimed at digitizing and transforming the hotel industry and the accommodation rental industry in Croatia. 

The announced cooperation represents a significant step forward in improving the experience of guests in the hotel segment, as well as in the private accommodation segment. Through the integration of the Turneo platform for experiences with the robust Rentlio Property Management system and Channel Manager, hotels are able to offer guests carefully selected local experiences, as well as recommendations for activities even before arriving at the destination. 

"Hotels want to offer their guests a personalized experience that goes beyond just a place to sleep. With the seamless integration of the PMS system and a carefully selected selection of local activities, we provide them with a simple solution that really brings results.", he points out Marko Mišulić, founder of Rentlio.

What does the whole story look like in practice? 

Namely, Rentlio PMS allows hotels to connect with guests through automated e-mail communication (predefined e-mail templates) from the moment they make a reservation and during the various stages of their stay, as well as before they check-in. Now, thanks to the integration with Turne, the communication also includes offers of activities and experiences that guests can book, which are tailored to each individual and thus help them plan their trip.

So now for the first time, hotels can provide guests with a convenient and reliable way to book the desired activities in a simple and safe way - online, in advance and at a time that suits them best. At the same time, the hotel receives valuable information and data that offers a deeper understanding of guest preferences, which is a winning combination for guest satisfaction, building loyalty and achieving better business results and revenue.

"Today, hoteliers must understand the needs and wishes of their guests in order to be able to create and place better marketing and sales campaigns, personalize their services and ultimately emerge as winners in today's competitive market.", he states Matija Marijan, co-founder of Turneo.

The partnership between Turne and Rentlij is particularly exciting considering that Croatian founders are behind both companies. Now hoteliers and landlords can choose technology providers who are among the best in the world at what they do, while also having a deep understanding of local and regional markets. 

"We want to present Croatia to the world as a global destination. Our combined tools offer hoteliers and landlords the opportunity to go a step beyond just selling rooms or beds and instead show guests the best of what their destination has to offer", he adds Marian.

It's easy to set up, regardless of the size of the business, which means that all accommodation providers can now improve their offer, attract more guests and improve their satisfaction. Ultimately, this is what is needed for the continued growth of Croatia as one of the leading players in global tourism.

"This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to improving travel and accommodation management technologies and promoting Croatia on the global stage. By combining advanced technology, together we empower hotels to exceed guest expectations", he states Misulic and adds that the integrated solution has already been introduced at several pilot partners and is already producing fantastic results.

Anyone interested can report and join the list of customers waiting for access to the integration, which will be available later this month.

Turneo & Rentlio

Turneo is the world's leading experience platform for hotels. The platform offers complete control over every aspect of the hotel experience offering – from marketing to management.

Rentlio is a complete solution and a globally recognized system for managing all types of accommodation units. More than 13,000 accommodation units in more than 40 countries around the world are managed through Rentlio. 


Author  Goran Rihelj

February 20, 2024.