The Tourist Board of Bol won the international award for the tourist film "Bol & Culture"

Markito Marinković and Đurđa Eterović won the ITB Berlin Tourist Board Award for the tourist film “Bol & Culture” at an important international ...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

23. May 2022.
Markito Marinković and Đurđa Eterović with the ITB Berlin Award


TZ Bola won the award for the tourist film "Bol & Culture" at the important international competition of tourist film and multimedia The Golden City Gate 2022.

Holidays have long been more than just the sea and the sun, which is very well known to one of the most famous Croatian tourist centers, Bolu on Brac.

This picturesque town is really rich in diverse offerings, which attracts foreign and domestic visitors. Except cycling tourism and many sports facilities and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - The Golden War - The people of Bol are very proud of their cultural heritage, which they carefully preserve from oblivion.

Its really great value has been recognized these days at the prestigious international tourist film and multimedia competition. The Golden City Gate 2022, which took place during the most famous international tourism fair ITB Berlin. In a competition of tourist films from around the world, 45 experts awarded first place and the Golden Bear Award Bol candidate "Bol & Culture" in the category "Art & Culture".

The criteria followed by the jury in the evaluation were creativity, storytelling, emotions and quality of information. The film was realized in collaboration with the production team DOKU FILMS, producer Mihael Rescic and screenwriter Hannah Klein from Klain PR. Tourist fairs are a great opportunity to promote the beauties of Croatia in the world, and every year this prestigious event attracts more and more visitors and tourism experts, who, along with other world destinations, have the opportunity to get to know the specialties and beauties of our country.

The award-winning tourist film is actually a kind of omnibus, which connects three attractive stories: the Dragon's Cave, the Dominican Monastery and the Branislav Dešković Gallery.

Dragon Cave it is a place of complete peace. In it, priests have carved their faith in stone for centuries and narrated their hermit's life, as evidenced by numerous fascinating reliefs. Dominican convent from the 15th century preserves a museum collection with valuable works of art, dating from the 16th to the 19th century.

Archaeological objects, liturgical books, numerous valuable manuscripts and a numismatic collection with very rare specimens of ancient money are just some of the exhibits that are definitely worth seeing. In this valuable collection, the most attention is drawn to the altar painting of Our Lady with Child and Saints from the workshop of the famous painter Tintoretto. Visit Branislav Dešković Gallery, located in the center of Bol, is an opportunity to experience the island of Brac through the eyes of Croatian artists. This Renaissance Baroque palace is home to hundreds of works of art by Croatian painters and sculptors.

Markito marinkovic and durda eterovic with itb berlin 2022 award
 Markito marinkovic and durda eterovic with an award from ITB Berlin 2022

"I am very glad that more and more visitors are showing interest in our cultural heritage. Art is truly eternal, it brings great value and in Bol we are really proud to be able to offer a real treasure, which has been created for centuries. This award, just like so far - and there have been many - is an additional motivation and confirmation of our work and quality projects, and I am extremely pleased with the "special recognition for the presentation of tourism excellence in Bol", which he awarded me last year jury of international tourism journalists ”, he added Markito Marinkovic, director of TZO Bol.

Bol is very actively preparing for the tourist season. Almost all hotels are open, and there are about 1.000 guests in the place. 90% of the tourist traffic from 2019 is planned, and the guests are mostly from Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia - therefore, self-destination - but they believe that this will change soon and that guests from more distant destinations will also arrive.

During the season, there are 14 ferry lines from Split every day, along with 4 fast catamaran lines to Split. Visitors from Zagreb can reach Bol by plane from Zagreb until the end of October, and return charter flights from Graz and Vienna are expected in May, as well as new flights from Bratislava and Bolzano.

Photo: Hana Klain

Author  HrTurizam Promo

23. May 2022.