The Tourist Stories portal is celebrating its third year of existence: Almost 4000 tourist stories have been written

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Author  Mirjam Jukić

26. April 2023.

Our Tourist Stories portal is three years old as of this morning. The third birthday is an opportunity to summarize what has been done so far and announce what awaits you on the website in the next year. 

In three years at this address you have been told 3925 tourist stories mostly about Croatian destinations, which is why we can boast that we are the place where you can find the most information about the destinations of our beautiful country. And not only about the coast, which is the flagship of our tourism, but also about the continent, which is actually equally represented here, which is a rarity in the Croatian media.

It is for us too content always IN which was also recognized by our readers who enjoy reading tourist stories from all over Croatia. At this address, you will also find news from world tourist destinations, but this kind of news makes up only 5% of the total content of our portal.

The vision three years ago was to tell tourist stories from every corner of our Homeland, and we can happily say that we succeeded in that. Have we written all the stories? We are certainly not, because what would we do in the time ahead. Have we written stories about most destinations? I would boldly dare to say that we are, and that there are few places that deal with tourism, without a sentence being written about them.

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If we missed something, then please contact us and tell us your story. We will be happy to pass it on to our readers, half of whom read stories in Croatian (53%), followed by 16 percent in English, and the remaining readers who read stories in German, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish and the Russian language. The portal is automatically translated into 15 languages, which makes us the only media that publishes stories about Croatian destinations in 15 languages, in addition to the Croatian language.

Among the mass of Internet portals with similar content, we are distinguished by the fact that, along with our older brother, we are an expert travel portal the only tourist news portal with a daily minimum of four news or stories. The content is created daily, and it is produced by a newsroom made up of five journalists and our dear colleagues blogger who constantly join us and enrich our content.

The birthday is also an opportunity to thank our partners who, together with our small newsroom, create and tell the best tourist stories.

Big daddy Google has long recognized our content as relevant, so we can boast that you will find us most often when you google information about the destinations you want to visit, and we hope that our stories help you choose the perfect trip.

Finally, we would like to thank you - our readers, because without you, our three-year-old would have no one to tell stories to. We grow and travel together. Thank you for that!

Yours Mario, Gordana, Adrijana, Goran and Mirjam

Author  Mirjam Jukić

26. April 2023.