The tower of Notre Dame Cathedral discovered, reconstruction continues after the fire


February 14, 2024.

Scaffolding covering the top of Notre Dame Cathedral erected after a devastating fire in April 2019 has been removed, marking a milestone in the reconstruction of the UNESCO-listed building.

The new tower of the Paris Cathedral is decorated with a golden rooster and a cross. As a symbol of resilience and renewal, the new golden rooster conceived as a phoenix with burning feathers, it was placed on top of the tower in December 2023 and marked the cathedral's rising from the ashes.

Much of the world-famous landmark is still surrounded by scaffolding, the removal of which could take weeks, perhaps months. The cathedral will not be open to the public during Olympic Games in Paris in July when the city will host millions of visitors and Olympians, reports The Herald.  

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The restoration authority, Etablissement Public, revealed to the French media that the process of dismantling the scaffolding, which stood at an imposing height of 100 meters, has begun and will continue in the coming months.

This development marks a key step towards the full unveiling of the tower, which is expected to be fully visible by the start of OI.

In the beginning, he is the president Emmanuel Macron promised a complete renovation of the building in time for the Olympic Games in Paris. However, setbacks in the rebuilding process necessitated an extension of the timeline with a new target set for completion in December of this year.

Despite ongoing investigations into the cause of the fire, authorities claim that incidents was accidental, he writes eTurboNews.

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Photo: Blanka Kufner


February 14, 2024.