The world of Graševina is the new story of the Požega-Slavonia County, and an essential part of it is the superb eno-gastro experience

Čobanac, fish paprikash, cicvara, čvarkuša, bazlamača, tachkrle..., there is a long list of traditional dishes of Golden Slavonia that the local population does not eat...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

12. September 2023.

Čobanac, fiš paprikaš, cicvara, čvarkuše, bazlamača, tachkrle..., there is a long list of traditional dishes Golden Slavonia which the local population does not leave forgotten, and the guests recognize as a valuable tourist asset and reason for visiting this destination. 

An esteemed Croatian chef and a great fan of Slavonian dishes Branko Ognjenović says that the secret of this cuisine lies in the excellence of local ingredients, simplicity and the combination of top wines and dishes from the same climate.

"Black pig products, among which the spicy kulen, a good ham, which can be put to great use in the kitchen, stands out in particular; pork with roasted potatoes, prepared in the skin and in homemade lard; cracklings, sausages and bacon rose... is a long list of dishes that you must try in Požega-Slavonia County. And I'm also a big fan of dough: noodles with poppy seeds and tatkrles are a real feast for the palate", reveals chef Ognjenović. 

Although the story of the eno-gastro offer in this part of Slavonia also has a traditional sign, its modern version is very attractive and tasty, so examples include sweet potato with kulen and acacia honey, pumpkin risotto with mushrooms and black pig bacon, baked apples with cinnamon in vanilla... And we can't decide which dish is tastier. 

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Photo: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board
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Photo: Vedran Bošković

"All these are the trump cards of this rich kitchen with great potential. Even when you wrap all those fine delicacies in a beautiful story about family, tradition, ambience and serve it with well-chilled Graševina in fine glasses, make an effort to show everything in the best light, success is guaranteed", Ognjenović points out, noting how great they are Grashevina Golden Slavonia the perfect accompaniment to any dish, including carp chips, personal Brankov perfect match which he likes to enjoy at the end of a challenging day.

A perfect match

With as many as three vineyards: Kutjevo Vineyards, Požega-Pleternica Vineyards and Pakrac Vineyards, Požega-Slavonia County is known wine destination, and its graševina are among the best in the world, as confirmed by awards from prestigious evaluations. With the exceptional quality of this variety, top technology, rich tradition, experience and knowledge of winemakers, Graševina is today the most sought-after Croatian wine with a wide range from sparkling wines to predicates, and which one can be chosen by a famous sommelier Darko Lugaric.

"On summer days, sparkling wine brut or extra brut made from graševina or graševina in a coupage will be the perfect refreshment. Combine semi-dry and dry young Graševina with cold salads with spicy kulen and young cheeses, and with dishes made of authentic black pig and, for example, sweet potatoes with kulen, extract aged Graševina, two or three years old with slightly higher alcohols, while apples with cinnamon in vanilla and tačkrle perfectly match with ice or graševina of optional berry harvest", advises Lugarić. 

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Photo: Vedran Bošković

The world of Graševina, the story of a rich heritage

The World of Graševina was created on the foundations of the rich wine identity of the Požega-Slavonia County.

"This unique project connects the wine story, the rich tradition, the exceptional cultural and natural heritage of our county, it supports the winemakers and the tourist sector, and in addition to the attractive Interpretation Center Bećarca Museum in Pleternica opened at the beginning of the year, it also includes the construction and equipping of the Spahian cellar in Pakrac and the branding of the entire areas such as the World of Graševina", he points out Maja Jakobović, director of the TZ of Požega-Slavonia County. 

The World of Graševina project with a total value of 8.729.448,52 euros was co-financed by the European Union with 7.364.375,34 euros from the European Fund for Regional Development through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

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Cover photo: World of Graševina / Photo: Borna Subota

Author  HrTurizam Promo

12. September 2023.