Zaton Holiday Resort's forest restoration project received a design award

In the Spatial and Graphical Interventions and Systems category, the project called "Growth takes time" won the Bilić-Müller design studio an award.

January 25, 2023

The exhibition of Croatian design, which took place this year in Zagreb's Lauba and included 258 professional works in 8 different categories, attracted a large number of artists and visitors this time as well.

In the category Spatial and graphic interventions and systems, in a competition of 20 works, the award for the best went to the Zaton Holiday Resort project in execution Bilić-Müller design studio

Projects "Growth takes time" was created in response to the hurricane storm that damaged part of the Aleppo pine forest in 2019, which is otherwise the symbol of Zaton Holiday Resort. By renovating the forest, arranging the linear park and signaling elements as part of the same, the project gained an educational dimension as it introduces the guests in an interesting and creative way to the forest in the making, the time and care needed for the Aleppo pine sapling to grow into an adult tree.

The idea for the spatial graphics of the park created on the edge of the area of ​​the damaged forest is completely signed by Tina Müller and Dora Bilić. 

Linear park bilic muller 3
The linear park of the Bilić-Müller design studio

Linear park bilic muller 1

"We are especially pleased that the project "Growth takes time" was recognized by the jury in the category "Spatial and graphic interventions and systems". For the awarded graphic solution, we were directly inspired by the landscape project "Linear park" of Zaton Holiday Resort, which was created as a kind of dedication to the pine forest damaged in the big storm and the new forest that is being restored and growing in the background of the park. The linear park is part of the park network and is one of a series of landscape projects of Zaton Holiday Resort. These are projects that pay special attention to the preservation of the original environment and biological the diversity of space and through their solutions they thematize it", said Dora Bilić from the Bilić-Müller design studio.

At the Turisthotel, they point out that they are proud of the realization of this project, and they do not hide their satisfaction that it has been recognized by the design profession. This is another confirmation that quality results are achieved through joint thinking and synergy.

Photo: 404Agency

Cover photo: Zaton Holiday Resort


January 25, 2023