Thinking out loud: Real capital potentials of Croatian tourism

Last week, the 29th FIMA webinar "Real Capital Potentials of Croatian Tourism" was held, in which I had the honor and opportunity to give my opinion on tourists...

Author  Goran Rihelj

5. June 2023.

Last week, the 29th FIMA webinar "Real Capital Potentials of Croatian Tourism" was held, in which I had the honor and opportunity to give my review of tourism trends. 

Thanks to my colleagues for thinking aloud together Josip Mikulic, Luka Kalember, Milan Horvat. We opened a lot of interesting topics because tourism is much more than sun and sea and accommodation itself. We were struggling for words the whole time hehe and the webinar could have lasted all day with this great team, as well as the complexities of tourism.

In the last 7+ years that I have been directly involved in tourism every day, one of the key conclusions is that we as a profession chronically lack synergy, conversation and thinking out loud. Both public and private sector. We cannot do one without the other, and if we want to make a breakthrough, we need a business process and a focus on growth and development.

I will single out a couple of statements that I consider to be extremely important:

The motive of arrival is not the bed, but the destination.

Tourism is not a point but a circle.

Let us respect ourselves, so that others may respect us. 

We are the narrators of our story.

We must care about the overall quality of the service and the destination - of everyone in the chain.

It's not a question of price, but value for money.

Croatia does not have to follow trends, it has to create them.

WEBINAR: Real capital potentials of Croatian tourism

By entering the Schengen area of ​​the EU and the Euro zone, Croatian tourism has permanently positioned itself within the community of the most developed European countries and, as a result, is experiencing impressive growth in 2023, far exceeding the results of the record year 2019.

Croatia is a successful and increasingly popular tourist destination, but the figures clearly show that we are not using the full potential of tourism. We are growing rapidly in quantity and in the short term it looks better, but the quality of service is responding more slowly to the growing interest of the market in our best products and services offered to guests.

The substance in "value for money" is getting poorer, and this can threaten the long-term return on invested capital. 

This is what we discussed at the 29th FIMA webinar "Real Capital Potentials of Croatian Tourism."

The guests of the panel are: Josip Mikulić, professor at EFZ, Goran Rihelj, founder of and Luka Kalember, director of Ban Tours Yachting. The video was edited by Irena Ščurić, Top Mag.

At the webinar, a short survey was conducted among 172 participants. To the question: What is needed to increase the competitiveness and innovation of Croatian tourism? we received the following answers: 

- 44,44% Ensure quality human resources in tourism            
- 44,44% Ensure innovative and digital transformation of tourism
- 11,11% Improve the structure and quality of accommodation facilities 

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Goran Rihelj



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Author  Goran Rihelj

5. June 2023.