This is how the promotion of a tourist destination is done today - This is a message from New Zealand

I recently wrote an article about how we are finally sincerely and truly looking forward to our guests. The fact is that in the past, for many years, we only counted them as if on a tape and were guided ...

I recently wrote an article on how to finally we sincerely and truly welcome guests.

The fact is that in the past, for many years, we only counted them as if on a tape and were guided only by numbers. We looked at quantity, not quality. We watched in the short term, year after year, not the long term. And in that we lost ourselves, the charm of tourism was lost, that homely feeling was lost. Perhaps the well-known negative motto of our tourism describes the whole situation so far: "Just send us money, you don't even have to come."

Now we welcome our guests again with big hands and a smile on our faces. I hope that one of the lessons that will come out after the covid crisis will be a change of mindset and that we will no longer take some things for granted.

/ / / Something good comes out of every crisis. We are sincerely looking forward to the guests again

This is a message from New Zealand

New Zealand continues to delight with its promotion and communication, and shows the right way to communicate and promote a tourist destination today.

That's how they are in the new video "This is a message from New Zealand”Filmed citizens inviting guests to visit them with a narrative that they can’t wait to come and get to know New Zealand.

"We cannot wait to give you all a warm, New Zealand welcome when the time is right. Here are some of the first things we'd say to you ” - is the narrative of the new New Zealand campaign. Watch and enjoy.

It is a series of videos lasting up to 1 minute, which started more than half a year ago, and with other video series such as Good Morning World, and many others New Zealand gives us the best example of how tourism promotion is done today.

I hope, when tourism recovers, that we will not return to the old immediately. Tourism is much more than numbers and beds. Tourists are not a number, and they are people.

After all, by the time of the Covid crisis, we had over 20 million arrivals and 100 million overnight stays. If we have met and justified, in fact, exceeded the expectations of our guests, then we should not worry about this tourist season as well as in the future.

Have we met the expectations of our guests all these years? - is the main question we all have to ask ourselves. If we are, he will return.

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