Tourism = occupation of the future

You can find the only online program in the field of tourism in Croatia at DOBA Faculty

Tourism is considered one of the key drivers of the country's socio-economic progress. It can be compared in scope to oil exports, food production or car production. It has become one of the key factors in international trade and is one of the main sources of income in many developing countries. It represents 10% of world GDP, 6% of world exports and 1 in 11 of all world jobs. And now you can study it part-time, with work, family and other obligations, 100% online.

It is crucial for success in tourism to follow trends

Creative thinking about news in the field of tourist offer is important for the success of an individual tourist organization. The main trends of the future are:

  • Emotional experiences
  • Experiences of local specialties
  • Body care
  • Gastronomy
  • Shopping
  • An escape from everyday life

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You can find the only online program in the field of tourism in Croatia at DOBA Faculty

Program Business and management in tourism includes the most modern subjects precisely from the field of trends in tourism, such as Development and design of top products and services in tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Local Environment, Social Media Strategies and Marketing, Tourism Trend Management,… We spend it in completely online, but don't worry, we have been conducting online studies at DOBI for 17 years in a row, we have experience, international accreditation, developed support seven days a week, and your diploma will not say that you studied online, namely this way of studying is equivalent to classical - so officially, as in practice. Why? Check it out for yourself.

Worried about an online degree? Due to the equality of both ways of studying, it is not written on your European diploma that you studied online.

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