TOURISM TODAY: Three key questions and possible answers

Europe's relative failure to vaccinate with the appropriate vaccines for Covid-19 and the appropriate vaccination rate is simply a concern. And more than it seemed at first. Of course...

Europe's relative failure to vaccinate with the appropriate vaccines for Covid-19 and the appropriate vaccination rate is simply a concern. And more than it seemed at first. Of course, we are all interested in the focus of Croatian tourism.

What did all this ultimately teach us? Three things.

Get in and of your hooves!

The first one, which we have learned many times, and we are still not like the students of the duck school and learned, reads in the vernacular: "Trust in yourself and in your ears!"

However, the European perspective does not respect all EU members in the same way. What we are de facto looking at today is Europe or the EU at different speeds. Developmental, cultural and from now on health. Or if you are not in mental pain - a clear division into Small and Large. In which Mali always pass as - Mali.

What is not clear to me is that EU solidarity only plays when EU money needs to be drawn. Then everyone is united that European "money" should be taken as much as possible. Here, too, the greatest degree of "communion" is expressed. When the EU population needs to be protected and the vaccine distributed, the community disperses like a soap bubble. Everyone strives Machiavellian (you know the old: the goal justifies the means) to get as much as possible for their own and doesn’t care at all for the other. Especially for Male.

Since tourism is one of our key economic activities, it is time to take off our white gloves and play our national game and procure several million doses under the label - "immediately and immediately".

It is no longer time to watch the song of the once popular quartet 4 M "I'm going too?" with the EU refrain "No, you don't!" The only formula is "Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!" Otherwise, it will happen to us that we will have a hard time entering this year's "tourist green" when needed in June, July, August and, say, September.

The key focus of the national tourism tactics for 2021 and thus the preparation for 2022 in the next two months is "Croatia - safe location". Oliti: "Croatia - a safe destination".

By the way, we are now throwing "money" for tourist promotion into the well.

With vaccination in all age groups with priority without exception for all those who work in tourism (as far as can be understood, 60-70% of the population in Israel is vaccinated, now they approach vaccination of age categories from 12 to 16 years) it is necessary consistently, not only communication implementation of security protocols, which we were among the first to promote on this portal.

I must warn again that it is necessary to start implementing more sophisticated disinfection technologies (such as UV-C robots) in all areas where guests stay. If we agreed at least in the fact that Covid-19 is most often transmitted by air, then the viruses should be neutralized in the air. Cloths and disinfectants solve only one part on flat surfaces. These more complex technologies cost something (not too much compared to the final effect), but they will cost a lot more when the hotspots, God forbid, reappear.

A new relationship to the old space 

Second, pandemics of various kinds, more or less scattered in our living environment, are close to becoming our everyday life in the future because of our relationship with nature, whether we want to admit it or not. Regardless of the fact that there is still room for tourism development (for example, islands, Lika, Slavonia), it is necessary for our tourism to start professionally and actively developing sustainable scenarios and models for further cycles.

That is, to provide professional and no one's small interests contaminated with answers to clear questions such as: “What type of tourism do we want? For what type of current and future guests? How to prepare the local population and the domestic economy for that? ”

If you think that there is no time for that in these moments when, figuratively speaking, our "head is under water", you are sorely mistaken. We in this area never have time for anything and then we eat our own time as the most precious resource today and ultimately pay the highest possible price. For those who think about it in time and make invisible moves at first, and then only for the ignorant, very clear and far-reaching moves.

The use of current spatial resources needs to become meaningful, long-term and sustainable.

This does not mean building at any cost nor preventing that construction also at any cost.

There is no nature conservation without smart and sustainable development scenarios and models. Because a space, which is not designed and then not maintained, sooner or later with a torrent of uncontrolled and immoderate entry of people becomes fast - antispace.

For example, there is talk of a culture of cars powered by electric batteries. Fine, the prize question is: where do we plan to store electric batteries when they expire?

Our entire tourism sector, fragmented into a number of smaller and larger municipalities, suffers from the syndrome of efficient waste disposal. We often witness real "wars" and "muscle building" between local communities under the auspices: "Nobody's garbage will go to my local landfill!"

Instead of using purposeful and pre-designed processes, we turn these and such landfills into environmentally and business-sustainable recycling plants (so-called circular economy), ie producers of new energy and, by the way, employment, entrusting supervision of their management to local communities. It also means the democratic opening of space for local solar power plants literally "on every roof" or local wind farms on every family farm, preventing energy monopolies and machinations in advance, after which tails are pulled through the media and courts. How many effects in just one stroke! Responsible minds first and foremost.

New mindset

The third is - a new tourist mindset that is, a way of thinking about and delivering tourist promises at all destination levels. It reminded me of my participation with the topic "Renters and New Different" at the webinar for renters on Lošinj organized by the office of the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj and the agile director Dalibor Cvitković and the proposal of this portal. 

Wanting to pioneer some topics, I explained that in New Different, renters need the necessary and at the same time a complete transition to story writers for guests, communicators and lecturers, empathetic but unobtrusive hosts, local destination 24/7 concierge counselors, guides or personal escorts for special excursions, analysts of new tourist niches, family friends of guests and ultimately informal bosses of their club, read: tribes, who maintain regular communication with members of their club or tribe throughout the year. Not to be confused - all in one person. This also applies to all other professional active segments in tourism.

Yes, ultimately it is necessary to discard the old (destination autism) and introduce the new (destination synergy & solidarity).

Not possible? Unattainable?

While we spend time on fruitless and endless discussions at the level of municipalities and cities such as "what will Sime say and what Ivo thinks", I repeat intentionally, as our most precious resource, the so-called Big guys such as Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Elon Musk (SpaceX) are developing their space tourism programs. The forces outside the Anglo-American circle are not far behind either. China is developing step by step, in various modalities and out of the focus of the wider world public, a spacecraft for 20 passengers, and Russia has reluctantly charged and is charging Western tycoons a "space seat" in its spaceships and orbital stations in "multi-day space travel" arrangements ”for $ 20 to $ 50 million. Per person of course. So whoever loves, let him love. 

Don't all of our terrestrial, let alone terrestrial, domestic destination debates seem to you, in conflict with the inconceivable above-ground space of the universe, as new destinations - meaningless?

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